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Activity Decks By BestSelf Co: Helping Individuals Create Change in Their Lives

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” -Norman Vincent Peale. We need to change the thoughts that block us to think bigger and achieving meaningful connections in life.

However, changing your thoughts is not that easy.  It can’t happen overnight.  It’s a process. That is why you need to strategize, which means thinking of something that can be done. BestSelf Co. assists us on this issue.

BESTSELF CO COUPONS & PROMO CODESThe BestSelfCo Coupon Code. is the leading company that creates a space in your life for a possibility and more whether you want to think bigger, achieve more, or have more meaningful connections. It’s why they love creating meaningful products and tools like Journals and Planners, Conversation Decks, Activity Decks, and Action Pads that help individuals create positive change in their lives- so they can show up differently for themselves, their connections, and the world.

In this article, let me carry your concentration to the Activity Decks. We should figure out what these decks are and how they can help in transforming one's thoughts.

Here we go.

1. The One Thing - Core Values Deck

BestSelf Co has partnered with The ONE Thing team to create the Core Values Deck to help the individuals define their top values with confidence and ease, so they can:

  • Triangulate their true direction;
  • Set the best habits and goals for your values;
  • Know which opportunities to take and which to turn down;
  • Get in sync with their partner, family, friendships, and work;
  • Align their choices with their values and step into their best self.

It can be paired perfectly with the Core Values Journal.  It is super affordable at $25.  

"The number of values stated so clearly made me think very hard on which value truly resonates with me. It's a fun activity even for families, and I will use it in my next training session!" - Shereen K.

2. Impact Deck

BESTSELF CO COUPONS & PROMO CODESMake your mark, get out of your way, and unlock your best self with this deck of 50 cards (a mix of reflection, action, and affirmation prompts) that will help you:

  • Take action to step out of your comfort zone;
  • Cultivate self-awareness through reflection and discovery;
  • Nurture positive beliefs and a growth mindset;
  • Turn personal growth into a consistent habit;
  • Make an impact on the world around you.

“The best SELF Journal has taken my GoCyle goal-setting system to the next level. I have used it for three years now. As a CEO (School Superintendent) in the public sector, it is crucial to be focused on my daily targets. The SELF Journal helps support a productive day, week, month, and quarter!” -Jeffrey A.,  Verified User. 

 3. Doodle Deck & Pad

Where do ideas come from? They often pop up unexpectedly, especially when your logical mind is relaxed. The Doodle Deck cultivates ideas and a flow state through fun art challenges.

This activity deck includes 50 art therapy exercises plus a sketch pad. Just pick a prompt and doodle whatever comes to mind. Explore a creative process that fosters mindfulness and stimulates ideas. Get your creative juices flowing.

“Hello! I purchased 8 sets of the Doodle Decks and gave them out as end-of-year gifts to my team. I received tons of positive feedback that folks were excited to use this as a brain break during their days and loved all the different prompts. My only regret was not ordering one for myself! :)” - Karen M., Verified User.

4. Persuasion Deck

BestSelf Co has partnered with Max Klymenko (@MaxKlymenko) to put his collection of 33 persuasion tricks into your hands so you can: 

  • Get more YESES without manipulation;
  • Inspire collaboration and win-win outcomes;
  • Master proved persuasive tricks and use them confidently;  
  • Achieve more goals, make bigger moves, and leave a dent; 
  • Become a ‘Persuasive Beast’!

"...This deck is really a perfect "cheat sheet" aka "cliff notes" for business/interpersonal communications and sales. This is the 3rd deck I've purchased and based on past experience, won't be my last!" - James R.

BESTSELF CO COUPONS & PROMO CODES5. Thinking Time Deck - Business Edition

Do you get lost in the busyness of everyday tasks or stuck in stale lines of thinking? Thinking Time contains 150 questions that stimulate idea generation, strategic thinking, and problem-solving in six business-critical areas. With this tool in your hands, you’ll be turning thoughts into profits while elevating the level of conversation in your business in no time at all.  

Create quality space to work ON the business rather than in it.  Turn blind spots into opportunities by answering questions that reveal them. Perfect for deep work time, leadership retreats, team meetings, or dead time between tasks.  A must-have tool for managers, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, and more.

With Thinking Time Deck, you’ll transform thoughts into dollars and efficiency by generating ideas for:
New products;

  • Creative marketing & sales;
  • Time & money saving initiatives;
  • Streamlining processes;
  • Logistical innovations;
  • Exposing blindspots; 
  • Elevating customer experiences.

Secure one of these activity decks and see your transformation.  So, watch out for the BestSelf Co signup offer. Explore your potential by signing up to BestSelfCo! Not only will you have access to their latest offers via emails, but also enjoy these instant discounts upon joining: (1) FREE access to the 5 Days to Your Best Self course; and (2) 10% off on your first order.

Grab the BestSelfCo Coupon Code on time. The BestSelfCo Coupon Code are not hard to find if you follow these tips: (1) Follow BestSelfCo on social media to get the latest news feeds on their promotions; and (2) Check out top-tier coupons on popular coupon sites, like Coupons Plus Deals, to stay updated with the latest offers.

In conclusion, change is conceivable with BestSelfCo. The activity decks, without a doubt, help individuals with making positive contemplations in their lives - key to revealing the distinction that has the effect. 
“Love it thus far! I've been going through the deck and separating it into piles which I'd like to commit to memory first. The overall product itself, quality, design, and feel are all top-notch. This deck is really a perfect "cheat sheet" aka "cliff notes" for business/interpersonal communications and sales. This is the 3rd deck I've purchased and based on past experience, won't be my last!” - James R., United States 

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