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Offering Reliable Secure Hosting For Your Online Store With Brixly

Built on the foundation of something beautiful, Brixly is a powerful and unique cloud hosting platform. With their reliable and secured hosting, you can start selling right away, as they are known as UK's Leading NVMe Cloud Reseller Platform.

The company offers cloud hosting at great value and provides 24/7 support with its web hosting.

Brixly is completely customizable, runs on 100% SSD storage, and allows you to control your own virtual server.

BRIXLY COUPONS & PROMO CODESThere are hosting experts who are enthusiasts, developers, systems, and geeks who are obsessive about site speed. All of them possess a vast amount of experience. Staff members are trustworthy and reliable. As a result, they dedicate valuable time to sharing their views and fantastic experiences on Trustpilot. The developers at Brixly are constantly building bespoke functionality for solutions. Brixly Coupon Code strives to deliver a top-notch experience to its clients.

Offering a Litespeed enterprise web server to bring leading edge performances.

They are known as one of the UK's fastest-growing independent hosting companies and proudly powering over 250,000 websites, blogs and business sites. 

Brixly Coupon Code is a relatively new web hosting provider, founded in 2014 by Dennis and Francesca Nind, a married couple, and focusing primarily on reseller hosting. Just six years after its inception, the provider is already managing more thaBRIXLY COUPONS & PROMO CODESn 275,000 websites and blogs, making it one of the fastest-growing hosting platforms designed for the reseller market in the UK. They also offer web hosting, and their migration centre makes switching to them from another provider much easier than usual, but also faster, taking hours instead of days.

Brixly has a London-based data centre network, made up of what they claim is the highest quality Tier 1 provider, in order to ensure that they’re always online, plus a Chicago-based one. They promise 99.9% uptime, guaranteeing money back in the event that they can’t keep that promise.

Brixly is big on customer satisfaction, so they offer an almost-free month-long trial on every plan. This makes your choice much easier. They also like to take a more personal approach than most, which may not be for everyone, so expect to see a chat window (from the founder, apparently) pop up when you open a certain page and offer you assistance with it. 


Brixly Coupon Code offers simple signup: you tell them if you have a domain and if you're transferring one, then choose your billing cycle, keeping in mind that the annual option comes with a free domain for both web hosting and reseller accounts. Your choice of data center will depend on which hosting plan you've chosen. 

BRIXLY COUPONS & PROMO CODESOnce you've signed up (you will need to provide your name, address, and phone number, like most other providers), you will receive a welcome email that contains a nasty surprise: plaintext password storage. This is simply bad security practice, but may not be a dealbreaker to some. You get access to a client area from which you can manage your services, purchase new ones, see your billing information, and access support.

A combination of experience and speed

With a loading speed of 8.3 seconds, below the GTmetrix average of 8.4 seconds, and 92 requests (the average is 89), Brixly Coupon Code's main website is pretty quick. As a result, most users will probably be pleased with their offer.


At least according to our customer control panel, Brixly's Knowledgebase is the best place to begin looking for help. Knowledge bases are divided into sections, and the contributors to each are listed. The only names are Dennis Nind, the founder, and Sam Morley, whose role isn't mentioned.

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