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How To Make Your Video Go Viral on Tiktok?

Dive into the world of TikTok, where any video can become viral in the space of a minute. With a little help, even you can master the art of creating an impressive TikTok video.

how to make your video go viral on tiktok

Remember The 3 Second Rule

TikTok algorithm distributes the right contents for their users. the boosted content only appears on the ‘For you’ page for a short while, so you need to pay close attention to the first few seconds of your videos.

This algorithm records and oversees the watch time and completion rate of every video posted on TikTok. It will tag your video as being unengaging and irrelevant if the audience only watches it for a few seconds. As a result, your video will get lost after thousands of other more engaging ones.

Therefore, the key here is to grab your audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds!

The longer your audience stays on your video, the more viral it will become! Thus the algorithm will reward you by boosting your post, creating a snowball effect.

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remember the 3 second rule

Post Consistently

It may not look like much but regular posting can make a huge difference in how your video approaches the audience.

It’s simple math, the more videos you post each day, the more chance you have with the TikTok algorithm.

Another reason being people will become more likely to visit your profile if one of your videos goes viral. Thus making you even more popular.

So remember to keep posting and don’t stop!

Focus on The Right Hashtags

Just as with other social media platforms, hashtags are essential to generate popularity for your videos.

Understanding the trending hashtags in your niche can massively help you in creating an effective TikTok strategy.

Also, you can take advantage of various hashtag challenges and boost your video to the top.

focus on the right hashtags

Collaborate with Influencers

Famous TikTok influencers can help you a lot in gaining popularity for your brand, hashtag, or video. New brands who are just starting the TikTok trend can greatly benefit from a collab with other popular TikTokers.

A great example of this is the clothing company Hollister Co. has just made a hit video featuring the viral TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, thus gaining millions of views in just a few days!

Keep Up with Trends

One of the most important things you should take notice of is TikTok trends. They can be carried out through dance, comedy, and music. By participating in these trends, TikTokers can gain massive influence after only a short period.

Again, this is but a simple marketing strategy. Any brand would benefit from it if they use it effectively. There is no exception! Your video can benefit from a variety of trends, such as Food Hacks, Fitness videos, and especially Challenges.

keep up with trends

Use Fitting Soundtrack

Without a doubt, music plays an important part in your TikTok videos.

By using trending sounds on TikTok, you will bring your content to the next level. Just scroll awhile and you’ll notice that a lot of videos use the same song. That means the song is likely to be trending.

You can access the TikTok Library to search and browse all the latest and most trending songs for your video.

What’s more, you can easily navigate your desired song organized by genre, popularity, trends, and much more.

A lot of musical artists have also been recognized for their talents by adding their original songs into the videos.

use fitting soundtrack


Getting viral on TikTok is not as difficult as it may seem. With just a few tricks, even you can create a stunning and appealing video!

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