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4 Tips To Master The Secret Of Skillshare

Ever since its launch in 2017, SkillShare has evolved into a huge learning platform with thousands of classes on multiple fields. Master your talents with the platform, now even cheaper with these tips, including the Skillshare 3 Months Free offer today!

skillshare coupons

Skillshare free classes, first and always!

Skillshare offers free classes in many fields, ranging from business and entrepreneurship to creative work.

If you are still undecided on which skills to learn on the platform, take a look at their free classes to see whether you resonate with the topic or not. Many users have uncovered their undiscovered passions by trying out multiple classes as well.

skillshare free classes

The free Skillshare classes never expire, and with new classes and lessons continuously being added to the site, you are sure to always learn something new every day, completely free of charge!

Applying for Skillshare scholarships

Like any educational institution, Skillshare offers all users a chance to enjoy full access to all courses for a year with their Skillshare scholarships, including:

applying for skillshare scholarships

The Skillshare Student Scholarships let you enjoy a 50% discount on all classes, with no exclusions. Simply sign up with a valid .edu address to automatically enjoy this discount.

The Skillshare Premium Scholarship, however, offers free full access to small business owners. Contact Skillshare customer service to verify and apply for this scholarship.

Skillshare Basic for free

If you work alone or in a small team, it’s a good idea to try out the Skillshare Basic for free before purchasing.

The Basic free trial only lasts 7 days, with only the most basic features available. Sign up has never been easier if you already have a Google or Facebook account.

skillshare basic for free

By linking your Skillshare with your Google or Facebook account, you will automatically be connected with them via social media or newsletter, thus staying in the loop on the latest Skillshare discounts and offers.

Choose Skillshare Premium for 3 months free of charge

If you set on honing your skills for a long time, sign up for Skillshare Premium now to instantly get 3 months for free. The Premium Plan is billed annually, and divided into 2 tiers:

  • The Starter package is great if you want to work on your skill solo, costing $99 per year.
  • The Enterprise package is reserved for big teams; contact Skillshare to ask for a quote and demo.

skillshare premium for 3 months free

You can also redeem other available Skillshare coupon codes on trusted shopping websites, like ours. Master your talents with the platform, now even cheaper with these tips, including the Skillshare 3 Months Free offer today!