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3 Must-Have P*n!s Chastity Devices That Provide Men With Complete and Fulfilling Experience

“Generally speaking, men struggle with the sexual temptation to a much greater degree.”

Locked in Lust Coupon Code is offering inescapable chastity devices which will additionally improve the happiness of each man's chastity experience.

Using these exceptional items will convey a chastity experience one has fantasized around 100% of the time.

Let us explore the wonders of these products and discover their magnificent effects on men's chastity experiences.  

Here we go.

1. The Vice Standard

LOCKEDINLUST.COM COUPONS & PROMO CODESThe Vice Chastity Device is the first and only inescapable chastity device on the planet not needing a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. The Vice is regularly compared with the Holy Trainer; in any case, The Vice matches even that of the Holy Trainer's male chastity belt in both solace and security! Being the principal device we have made, The Vice is our lead device. It offers a degree of safety not seen before in other chastity gadgets. The finished design on the inward tabs of the anti-pullouts is the way into its case of being inescapable. The more extended the device is worn, the safer it becomes. Following 2 days of consistent wear, it becomes inevitable!
Vice's anti-pullout system differs from anti-pull outs sold for different gadgets. This anti-pullout was designed to work with the device from the beginning. This varies from secondary selling pieces sold for other modesty gadgets which can be insufferably awkward. The Vice chastity frequently goes unnoticed when worn, even while wearing the anti-pullout.  It can likewise be worn without the anti-pullout system which is great for novices. Yet, when you are prepared for the inescapable chastity experience, you will constantly have the anti-pull outs accessible to utilize whenever.
The Vice Chastity likewise incorporates a modest bunch of various sizes with each device, accordingly giving you personalized customization for the greatest solace and security. Now is the right time to partake in a male chastity belt that offers a genuine certain chastity experience!

“I like the Vice because I know my pets are nice and secure in a tamper-proof device. I love seeing little dicks locked up in The Vice!” – Mistress Harley

2. The Vice Mini Version 2 (or V2) 

The Vice Mini Version 2 (or V2) has a slight change from the first design. We have brought the pee opening down to consider simpler restroom utilization, as well as added a little channel opening at the lower part of the enclosure head for any pee that ends up getting found out within the enclosure for a cleaner and more hygienic experience.

LOCKEDINLUST.COM COUPONS & PROMO CODESSo, are you worn out on managing a big bulk chastity cage? Are you searching for a little chastity cage? The Vice Mini can and will settle these issues for you. Giving you similar solace and security as The Vice Standard, The Vice Mini gives you the cozy fit you want in a little chastity cage. Also, assuming you're a locked sissy, this is the ideal enclosure for you.  You can get a pink chastity cage of The Vice Mini to give yourself your sissy chastity cage! Looking to sissify your enclosure considerably more? Amaze it with one of our crystal padlocks!

This mini chastity cage utilizes every one of similar parts of The Vice standard. You will get to exploit a similar progressive anti-pullout technology, in a more modest bundle; meaning your locked sissy is staying put! A typical issue with a sissy chastity cage is having the part "turtle" into the body making a simple break. The Vice Mini, with the right anti-pullout, will prevent your locked sissy clitty from going anyplace!
In particular, The Vice Mini comes in an assortment of varieties. The most well-known is the pink chastity cage; in any case, we likewise have our little chastity cage accessible in Clear, Chrome, and Purple. Likewise, keep your eyes out for limited edition colors we will release from time to time.

The Vice Mini likewise incorporates a modest bunch of various sizes with each gadget, consequently giving you personalized customization for the greatest solace and security. Now is the right time to partake in a sissy chastity cage that offers the genuine inevitable modesty experience!

“The Vice is everything my cuck husband wanted from a chastity cage: easy to put on, comfy to wear. It makes me a very happy hotwife and keyholder” – MiauMiauHW (Hotwife).

3. The Vice Plus 

The Vice Plus male chastity cage is the most comfortable penis chastity device in The Vice Series. Men in chastity incline toward The Vice Plus over the Holy Trainer. With a bigger breadth and longer cylinder, this penis cage is more comfortable than The Vice Standard for most. 

Probably the greatest component to think about while picking a penis cage is solace firmly followed by security. As yet giving the unequaled degree of safety one anticipates from The Vice, this male chastity cage gives men in chastity more space to develop during an erection - which can be similarly pleasurable and disappointing! Assuming you are searching for a male chastity cage that is seriously limiting, you might wish to look into The Vice Mini. P*n!s chastity has many dimensions of fun, and you can explore every one of them with the different size cages and other sizing options available.

Usually compared with the Holytrainer, The Vice Plus outflanks the Holytrainer in both solace and security. In addition to the fact that you get numerous sizes with each gadget, your request, however, you likewise have the peace of mind of a genuinely solid gadget you won't escape, supported by a 1-year maker's guarantee. The sizing permits you to customize your penis cage to your life structures, giving you the greatest solace and security. Likewise permitting you to have a measuring pack in one buy, without paying for each trial and error finding your size. These are only a couple of reasons men in chastity prefer The Vice Plus over the Holy Trainer.

LOCKEDINLUST.COM COUPONS & PROMO CODESSo assuming you are searching for penis chastity that offers solid security with adequate space to develop, The Vice Plus is the final P*n!s cage you will ever require again!

“I have used The Vice Plus from Locked in Lust® on my cuckold for 4 months and I love it! The design and the extra sizes, let you find the perfect fit for your “cucked one”, and the anti-pullout device works very well securing a dicklet, no matter the size. It is as close to perfect as I have found in a chastity device” – Mistress Harmoni Kalifronia. 

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In conclusion, the three penis chastity devices by Locked in Lust will fire up the pleasure in each man's chastity experience. Whether you're simply searching for the best chastity cage or device available or hoping to satisfy a total chastity fantasy, our male chastity shop will furnish you with all that you might have to get something other than just a device and that is to get a total chastity experience.

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