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3 Fun Ideas on How to Score a Perfect Eurocup-Themed Date Night

It seems everywhere you look on social media, there’s someone mentioning Eurocup. If you are unfortunately uneducated about the sport and stumped how to start planning your football date night, here are 3 fun ideas to score a perfect soccer-themed date night with your boyfriend.

3 Fun Ideas

1. Football Night = Cuisine Night

Cuisine Night

Being one of the most played sports around the world - yes, really! - football has teams of all nationalities, some you haven’t even heard of. If you are decent in the kitchen, here’s your chance to find more common ground with your boyfriend.

Instead of racking your brain trying to cram as much information about the teams playing this week, try improvising with something you are excellent at - cooking. Make your boyfriend cuisines from the playing team’s home countries, and casually drop a few football-related facts about the plates you make. You’ll be surprised how quickly he joins in the conversation, even if he knows nothing about cooking.

2. Football Night = Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night

Your Spotify or YouTube recommendation might turn more Latin than ever during Eurocup season. Each season, other than the annual official Eurocup song, there are a few songs that will top the chart. All are vivacious, loud and can be chanted along by the whole stadium during the match for both teams to hear.

While this Eurocup doesn't have an official song just yet, you and your boyfriend can still belt out older tunes. Prepare for a lot of tongue trilling, as classic Eurocup songs are Latin-pop. Bops like Hips Don’t Lie and The Cup of Life are still sung proudly to this day. Organize a karaoke night with your beau and light up his football spirit with a Eurocup Anthem playlist.

3. Football Night = Another Sport Night

Another Sport Night

Most Yankees are clueless about soccer rituals and how to celebrate and properly watch the game. Thus, the hassle of learning about football trivia might make you fall into the trap of treating it like another night of Netflix and chill.

That’s not how you celebrate football. Instead, a football night revolves around getting with your best mates in the pub, cheering, shouting, and even quarreling, for your team while chugging on beer. You can create your own version with your boo by arranging a night at your loft, with snacks, beer and a flat-screen TV for screening the match. You also earn brownie points if you are willing to put on some face paint and team-colored clothing as well.

The most common snack for football night is nuts. You can choose some of the best nuts from nut.com with the help of our guide here. Remember that your purchase is cheaper with a nuts.com coupon code.

Another Sport Night 1

Whether you love it or cannot give a monkey’s toss about football, there’s no escaping the sport this summer. Instead of fuming over how the 2021 Eurocup intrudes on your together-time, make the infuriating sports night into a date night. After all, if you can’t beat them, join them. Who knows, a few fun football-themed date nights might actually make you into an even more diehard fan than your boyfriend.