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Sate Your Nut-Craze on These 4 Nutritious Nutty Treats

Coffee is great to start the day with, but nuts are the snacks for the sudden munchies. But which nuts make the healthiest snacks? These 4 options from Nuts will let you sate your nut-craze with the nuttiest and most nutritious treats right now.

Sate Your Nut Craze

1. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (Sugar-Free)

Being rich in healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E, almonds have long been famous for being beneficial for your health. Covered in shiny, bittersweet dark chocolate, this is the snack for busy office workers who need an instant, but healthy, sugar rush. So next time you have the munchies for an M&M, reach for one of these bad boys instead.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Those on diet will love this nutty snack even more as almonds can reduce hunger and promote weight loss. Other popular health benefits of almonds include reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.

 For just 12,99 US$ per 1lb bag, a few pieces from this snack bag should quench your craving for snacks instantly.

2. Roasted Cashews (Salted)

Salted cashews are a classic snack, having appeared from bedside counters as a late-night snack, to planes as an in-flight treat. These bean-looking nuts contain copper, magnesium, and manganese, all of which can give your body a quick boost when you are low on energy.

Roasted Cashews

Low in sugar and high in fiber, your body will thank you for munching on a few cashews instead of junk food like Cheetos. Cashews have also been correlated with other health benefits such as brain health, immunity, and bone health.

However, moderation is the key. Too many cashews can lead to an overdose in oxalates, which can form painful kidney stones. For this reason, an 1lb bag can last you for 2 weeks; and it only costs 12,99 US$.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (Roasted, Smooth)

Hazelnuts are underrated when it comes to healthy food. They are rich in fibers, so eating hazelnuts can help cleanse your intestinal system of blockages. They also are full of antioxidants and vitamin E, both of which are linked to the prevention of cancers.

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

If you are tired of premade nuts, the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter may just be what you need. Made from the brand Kopper’s Chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts, this butter can be incorporated into many other snacks, like spreading it on a piece of toast or mixing it with oats and dried fruits to make energy balls!

A 12oz jar can last your family a long time. It Only costs 8,99 US$, even less when combined with a nuts.com coupon.

4. Jalapeno Pistachios

Pistachios are sweeter than your average nuts, which is why they make great substitutes for treats with processed sugar. One thing that makes pistachios stand out amongst their counterparts is melatonin, which helps immensely if you have trouble sleeping.

Jalapeno Pistachios 

They are also packed with protein and fibers, so pistachios make a great mid-day snack. Nuts’ Jalapeno Pistachios puts a new twist on the classic treat. The heat from jalapeno combines with the natural sweetness and richness of pistachios put any pack of Cheetos to shame.

A pack of spicy pistachios costs 13,99 US$, pricier than your preservatives and additives snacks, but the health benefits make it worth every cent spent.

Hungry yet? These 4 options from Nuts will let you sate your nut-craze with the nuttiest and most nutritious treats right now!