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Why Is Omari MC at the Top of the List for Your Music Promotion Service Online?

“You need a platform with experience that can deal with anything from Xitsonga Music Promotion to EDM. Check us out and we'll make certain to give our all to give you results!”

Music promotions are an excellent way for getting more plays and listeners to your sound.  Here are several companies out there to promote your music on the web. In any case, finding the right company is what you want. 

This article presents Omari MC Coupon Code and explains why it is the number 1 music promotion service online.

Here we go.


Omari MC is the leading marketing service that helped over 15,000 artists promote their music through custom advertising campaigns, hired a dozen team members, and generated millions in sales. The company has solidified itself as one of the top independent music marketing agencies online.

Who do they work with?    

They work with Spinnin’ Records, Warner, Universal Music Group, Capitol, and SNS Records.

Spinnin’ Records. It is the world's leading dance label and community.  Spinnin’ Records has won the award for 'Best International Label' at the 2017 Promo Only Summer Sessions Awards ceremony. The Dutch dance imprint beat out other famous names including Armada, Blackhole, Enhanced, and Ministry of Sound at a unique service in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Spinnin' Records invented the Talent Pool.  It is a platform that tackles the exemplary issue of sending your demo to a record name and ending in an immense heap of demos without any feedback. They pondered ways of taking care of this issue since it is unfair to artists who put their blood, sweat & tears into their production. 

Warner. The Warner Bros. Entertainment enterprise is a completely coordinated, expansive-based amusement company and a worldwide forerunner in the creation, production, dispersion, authorizing, and showcasing of all types of amusement and their related businesses.

Universal Music Group. It is a Dutch-American worldwide music company. They recognize and foster recording artists and songwriters, and they produce, disseminate and promote the most widely praised and commercially successful music to amuse and engage fans all over the world. It is the world's greatest record label and has inked a licensing and distribution deal with South Korean teen pop band BTS that will come full circle on Dec. 1, as indicated by reports from Billboard and Variety.

Capitol. The Capitol Records Building is the site of the memorable Capitol Studios, where Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Nat "King" Cole, Sir Paul McCartney, and a lot more music legends recorded probably the most loved music ever.

SNS Records. It is perceived as the number 1 Independent Record Label. They have been responsible for selling over 30 million records by finding Platinum-selling artists like Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, and Plies. The founder, Ted Lucas, has been perceived as a key part of the music business for the past 25 years, as Slip-N-Slide Records has been highlighted various times including Billboard.

How do they promote your music?

They promote your music through the following platforms Spotify, Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.  

a) Spotify

It is a digital music, podcast, and video service that gives you admittance to a large number of songs and other content from makers all over the world. 

Utilizing the Spotify promotion service permits you to acquire genuine promotion for your Spotify content through genuine clients that are shown your music and playlists through the service's network. Like that, you're continuously acquiring genuine commitment for your Spotify as opposed to fake followers, plays, etc.

Many times artists will figure they can go far with free music entries, however, actually, you can get further significantly quicker with paid promotion. At any point took a stab at Googling websites and wound up submitting to many of them? How much achievement did that get you? Likely not much. Promotion is brilliant once you're outfitted with the right advertising strategies. That is the reason they give out their digital book with each buy to give you the instruments you want to procure a decent R.O.I.

You might ask how the promotion is done and what playlists will you be on? Your song is promoted through playlist situations. They have many playlists in their network that have been checked across essentially every music classification. To guarantee they have satisfactory limits and effectiveness for all orders, they publicize their lists as well as run promotions for any custodians who wish to develop their lists.

The advertisements run basically through Facebook and Instagram, guaranteeing that all listeners will be authentic. They likewise acknowledge records that have been developed through organic search traffic on Google and Spotify. They then place your song in a differing number of records relying upon the bundle requested.

For instance, the Gold playlist arrangement bundle implies your tune will be set into a particular number/strength of playlist(s) for 2 to about a month. They never again exclusively focus on the number of adherents of a playlist, yet adopt a more all-encompassing strategy thinking about the pace of development, history of monthly listeners, and viability of SEO or promoting to the list.

They assess the song first, then will pitch it to playlists inside their network. They can't tell you before the campaign precisely what playlists you'll be on for all intents and purposes up to the circumspection of their playlists regardless of whether a song is put on a particular record.


It is a famous online entertainment application that permits clients to make, watch, and offer 15-second recordings shot on cell phones. With its customized feeds of idiosyncratic brief recordings set up with a good soundtrack and audio effects, the application is prominent for its habit-forming quality and elevated degrees of commitment.

How is the promotion done on this platform? The promotion is done with regards to overall reach. In basic terms, your video will be presented on as numerous powerhouse pages as it takes to meet the supporter necessity per the bundle you bought.

They have a network of Tik Tok influencers with famous channels. They audit your tune, give some criticism on it, then, at that point, send the influencers to be reckoned with your material. They are just remembering your tune for unique video content they make for their channel.

Assuming they like your song, they'll demand it from them to add to their channel. They will cross-check the request to ensure it's a solid match, then they'll support your song for them to remember for a post! They know that all recordings with highlighted tunes ought to be something like 15 seconds in length, however, they are allowed to make recordings longer than that assuming they wish.

How can you find your song link on Tik Tok? Most music distributors like Tunecore and Distrokid should already have your music transferred to Tik Tok. You would essentially have to look through your song on the application, then hit the offer button on the tune to get the connection to submit the request.

c) YouTube

YouTube is video-sharing assistance where clients can watch, similar to, offer, remark and transfer their recordings. The video service can be gotten to on PCs, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Why should you buy YouTube views and plays?  That depends on what you’re trying to do with your music. Many times artists will think they can go far with free music submissions, but the reality is you can get further a lot faster with paid promotion. That’s why they give out their ebook with every purchase to give you the tools you need to earn a good R.O.I. 

How is the promotion done? Your song is promoted through a highly customized Google ads campaign. They’ve done hundreds and hundreds of ads and know how to set them up to get the most bang for your buck. By all means, you’re free to run your ad efforts next to theirs and see who gets the better results and engagement. 

d) Facebook & IG Custom AdsOMARI MC COUPONS & PROMO CODES 

How is the promotion done? They professionally set up, optimize, and run Instagram and/or Facebook ads on behalf of your channel through the Facebook ads manager.

As many artists find out, there’s a big difference in trying to run your own IG or Facebook ads vs. having professionals set up and maintain them.

No password is required. You can give Advertisers access to us without sharing sensitive information (we will send instructions on how to do this through the Facebook ads manager after ordering) and can disconnect access once the promotion campaigns are done.

How soon will my campaign start after I purchase? Directly after you checkout for Facebook/IG custom ads, you’ll receive an email with a link to sign up for a 30-minute consultation.  There they will discuss the goals of the campaign & do an audit of your profile(s).

They will then pick from existing videos you have and do editing & optimizing of the content to ensure we give the ads the best chance of succeeding. If they don’t feel any existing content would be best for ads, they will suggest some simple videos you can record within 1 to 2 days, then choose from the new content to make ads with.

They begin your order within 2 business days of receiving all pertinent information and materials for the ads. Ads are typically approved by Facebook & IG within 24 hours of submission.

Why should you choose Omari MC? 

  • a. Top Google Ranked.  They've been the top Google-ranked 'best music promo' for years for a good reason.
  • b. 250M+ Followers. They have over 250,000,000 playlist/channel followers across Spotify, Tik Tok, Apple Music, YouTube & Instagram in their network.
  • c. Trusted By Over 17,557 Artists.  They've promoted thousands of artists in just about every genre you can think of and have years of experience behind them in each of them.
  • d. You Can Grow With Them. Either purchase their services with or buy and hold $OMARI coin to receive exclusive benefits! You can partner with their growing brand like never before. 

Why optimize your videos with Omari MC? 

  • a. 1 BILLION Impressions On YouTube
  • They’ve promoted music for thousands of artists on YouTube and gotten nearly 1 billion impressions. They know the ins and outs of what marketing elements to add to your music videos to help you get more subscribers and engagement.  
  • "After getting nearly one billion impressions promoting the music business on YouTube, we recognize that some videos can get increased engagement based on the marketing elements in the video. We want to extend that chance to all artists!"
  • b. A Great Looking Video Isn't Enough
  • Many artists think just because their video looks professional that it will translate into subscribers. While having great music and a great video are part of the puzzle, you need to bring it all together with the right marketing optimizations.  
  • c. Engaged Subscribers = True Fans
  • Listeners need to be encouraged to take action multiple times before they’re ready to engage with your YouTube channel EVEN IF they like your song. We do this in a tasteful way that will not take away or distract too much from your music video, lyric video, or album cover artwork video.  

What do people say about Omari MC? OMARI MC COUPONS & PROMO CODES

Omari MC as a music promotion service online received a rating of 4.5 stars from 647 reviews.  This implies that more people are satisfied with their purchases.  

Below are some of the reviews from their satisfied customers:

“I’ve used Omari now for about 5 separate releases over the past few years. I consistently get amazing service. It results in long-term growth. Highly recommended” - Micah Martin, Verified Customer.

“My track Against The Grain was added to many playlists and got my name out there. Got to meet a lot of people who run playlists and seem to genuinely support the music that we've been putting out!” - Ethan Elijah, Verified Customer.

“I believe this is my third time using their services and will continue in the future. My experiences have always been great and what was promised Organically was delivered. Hence a factor why I chose Omari in the first place. My music genre is Christian/Gospel and likely the primary reason for choosing Omari services is their standards… concerning the type of music, they accept but also the knowledge, competence, transparency, and accountability of the company. They get the job done, It’s Organic!!!” -RMH, Verified Customer

In conclusion, Omari MC Coupon Code Promotion is the first spot on the list for your music promotion service on the web. It is a great choice to promote your music on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. They can't offer any guarantees about the number of individuals that will remain on and become aficionados of your music, however, they will get your music before genuine music fans of your type.
Promote now! Your order and information are safe and secured by their SSL certificate.  SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the HTTPS protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

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