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Wedding Nails: Five Hottest Designs You Should Know Soon

Nails are not about being noticed, they are about being remembered.

For a perfect look on this once in a lifetime event, you can not forget your nails. Take a look at the five trendiest wedding nail designs in 2020 below.

Top trendy wedding nail design in 2020

Classic nails

Let's start with the most traditional manicure option. This is the simplest and most elegant nails design. If you want natural nails, skip the base coat and go for a classic white touchup on the tips of your nails. To give your nails more accent, add a little with shades of pink, nude, or buff undercoat.

wedding nails five hottest designs you should know soon

A French manicure is a great choice for a bride who wants to look more stylish but not too ostentatious. Although it's just a simple design, you can get creative and dress up your French nails in any number of ways.

Personalize nails

Wedding nails are a tangible way to show off your personality. You can get creative by combining palettes together to create the final look. You can include a subtle nod to your wedding monogram or a symbolic reference.

personalize nails

Small heart nails

Heart - a symbol of love. It will be a highlight if your nails have little hearts. You can purchase a sheet of nail decals to accomplish the look yourself, or go to the nail salon and ask for the help of the designers.

You can make heart nails at home easily. To make the heart-shaped nail, you need some basic materials including a nail file, a clear base coat, nail polish in a deep red color, a base polish in a neutral color, and a topcoat in clear color. For your wedding day, you should use a tan or light pink polish.

  • Step 1: File your nails.
  • Step 2: Paint your nails.
  • Step 3: Add the hearts.

Soft palettes nails

No need for charms or fancy glass diamonds, a single color nail is the trend of wedding season 2020. Say hello to dusty rose, subtle blues, and undertones hues - color trendy currently. A texture-less option can be a matte manicure, which is considered an ultra-modern bridal design. There are many trendy tones, making it perfect for a wedding dress and shoes.

soft palettes nails

Floral nails

The wedding was decorated with flowers. Flowers appear in every corner of the wedding, from hand-held bouquets to the dining table. Create a small garden with a pretty floral design to your nails for a whimsical touch.

You have a variety of options, from a variety of colorful flowers to more artistic floral patterns. The stylist will help you create the perfect composition with wedding dresses and party themes.

floral nails

The overall effect of the nail design will depend on the base colors and the flowers you choose.

Get creative to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your manicure. Even after you toss your bouquet, you still have some beautiful flowers in hand.

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