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Unblock your Internet access today with these mind-blowing services from TorGuard!

With how prevalent tracking cookies is nowadays, it seems as if you have to constantly watch over your shoulders when browsing the Internet.

Indeed, even with Google recently making tracking cookies optional for Internet users, many sites still try devising new methods to collect your data, which can then be used for marketing, or re-sell to other interested parties.

unblock your internet access today with these mind blowing services from torguard

This is why many avid Internet users start to look for ways to protect themselves from these skeevy practices. Among available methods, like turning-on antivirus and disabling unnecessary cookies, using VPN has become one of the most utilized methods for data protection.

From a key player in the VPN business, today we explore the 3 services that will keep your data safe while going online.

Going basic with the Anonymous VPN Service

For normal Internet users, the basic VPN package should suffice. Unlike the scrappy free versions offered by other providers, which limit both speed and bandwidth and only offer a limited number of servers, the basic paying version of TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN Service’s unlimited bandwidth and up to 8 times accessing speed. This means you can still access all your favorite sites without ever losing speed.

going basic with the anonymous vpn service

To purchase this package, you need to first download the TorGuard VPN software directly from their official website. Simply select your payment plan from the available 4, complete your purchase following the website’s wizard, and your VPN software should start downloading in no time.

TorGuard rewards their loyal clients with massive discounts. This means the longer your billing cycle is, the more money you will save on your subscription, with the deepest saving being the 50% discount on their annual billing option.

Hide all online exchanges from privy eyes with the Private Email service.

Many brands and celebrities have fallen victims to hackers, having their private emails leaked and exposed to the public.

Despite how much email servers have invested in keeping your email private, savvy hackers can still exploit any potential or unknown holes in their firewall and thus gain access to your email.

hide all online exchanges from privy eyes with the private email service

Instead of risking your private exchanges going public, go proactive in keeping your personal emails safe with TorGaurd’s Private Email service. This service doesn’t require a tech-wiz to operate, but adds another layer of protection to your emails by automatically encrypting them instead.

Subscribe to this awesome TorGaurd service by signing up directly on TorGuard’s official website.

TorGuard coupons - The answer to the impenetrable TorGuard’s pricetag

Amazing as they are, when it comes to pricing, TorGuard simply lacks behinds compared to other VPS services. While their price most definitely reflects the quality they offer, it might deter a lot of budget internet users from subscribing.

torguard coupons the answer to the impenetrable torguards pricetag

That is if you don’t take into account the most important hack all shoppers should know about: Using coupons. Working TorGuard coupons can drastically lower the price of any subscription on TorGuard.

Simply subscribe to the TorGuard’s newsletter service to start receiving the latest coupons via your registered email. Or start scouting popular coupon sites, like Coupons Plus Deals, to start using their TorGuard coupons collection today!