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Top 5 Coolest Pet Supplies to Spoil Your Four-Legged Friend

Your furry friends deserve your love and attention - but do they also deserve a luxury hammock? We think so. Here are the coolest pet supplies you can buy.

Pets are the joy of any household. You don’t need to have people around if you have a cat (although you should avoid being like that Crazy Cat Lady if you can). Cats, dogs, rabbits, and all the other cute furry companions you can have in your house - they’re all adorable, and they’re all great company.

If you want to show your affection to your furry friend, or just make sure that they’ve got all the comforts that they need, then here are five awesome pet supplies that will upgrade the life of your four-legged friends - and your Instagram feed!

Top five pet products

Your pet was once a wild animal that stalked the plains looking for prey, and while these pet accessories and products and might be a far cry from that romantic past, your pet will still enjoy them - probably even more than it enjoyed hunting.

top 5 coolest pet supplies to spoil your four legged friend 1

Vea Pets Luxury Cat Hammock

The Egyptians worshipped cats, seeing them as God-like creatures. In many ways, it’s not hard to see how they came to this conclusion. The cat is one of the most royal animals we come across, and it’s closest ancestors - the Big Cats - are without a doubt the kings and queens of nature.

Give your royal cat the luxury it deserves with this awesome luxury cat hammock. If nothing else, it makes for an amazing photo op.

top 5 coolest pet supplies to spoil your four legged friend 2

HolistaPet Organic CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil is growing in popularity thanks to the numerous health benefits that it has on both humans and other animals. HolistaPet offer CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. All three of these animals have been shown in studies to have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, which means they can reap the benefits of taking CBD oil.

HolistaPet has CBD products to reduce stress and anxiety common in animals, as well as to promote a healthy, balanced immune system and help with healthy joint function. There are no toxins in the products (which means they won’t get your pet high…).

Illumiseen LED Collar

This collar lights up in the dark so you know where your furry pal is on those nighttime walks. The Illumiseen LED Collar will provide optimal visibility not just for you, but also for anyone driving at night who might not see your dog should they run into the road.

An affordable way to keep you and your dog safe when you’re out walking at night, the collar comes with five hours of battery before needing to recharge. It’s also just an awesome pet accessory that will make your dog look like a cyberpunk pet.

top 5 coolest pet supplies to spoil your four legged friend 3

Insect Shield - Insect Repellent Bandana for Dogs

What cooler accessory for your pet than a bandana? The Insect Shield bandana for dogs contains permethrin, which is considered to be one of the most effective bug repellents on the market and is safe for dogs to wear. Make sure your furry friend doesn’t get bitten and bothered by bugs when they’re out for a walk with this cheap and stylish doggie bandana.

top 5 coolest pet supplies to spoil your four legged friend 4

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

This is definitely our favorite entry on this list. Who wouldn’t want their golden retriever to look like a lion?! This cheap two-piece lion mane costume from TOMSENN is a Halloween favorite and just generally an all-round winner of a pet accessory. Scare your neighbors, have people come to see your dog from across the street, and take some of the best pet photos that will probably go viral. This is a must-have.