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Top 4 Food Delivery Apps in the US and UK to Use in Lockdown

Sick of cooking? Here are four of the best food delivery apps to use while you’re stuck at home in social isolation due to coronavirus. Bring the food to you.

If you’ve been at home social isolating for longer than a couple of weeks, then in all likelihood, you’re sick and tired of cooking already. Those trips to the supermarket are becoming a real issue with all the queuing - not to mention the increased risk of contracting the coronavirus from going outside.

Food delivery apps in the US to use in lockdown

If you’re looking for a bit of respite, then here are four great food delivery apps for you to use to make your life a little easier.

food delivery apps in the us to use in lockdown

Uber Eats

Uber Eats launched to become the food wing of the ride-hailing service. Right now, they’re offering you a 0% delivery fee if you order from local restaurants. This is Uber’s way of helping to support local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. This free delivery doesn’t apply to major food chains like McDonald’s, but it does apply to most local businesses.

If you’ve used Uber’s ride-hailing service, then your information will already be in the system, meaning you can begin using Uber Eats immediately. You can also fill in specific delivery requests if you’re concerned about contact with the delivery driver (can’t be too careful in these difficult times), for example, you could ask them to simply leave the food at your door and alert you when it’s there.

Uber Eats also offers the ‘Eats Pass’ where you pay $9.99/month to get free delivery and 5% off all your orders that exceed $15.


GrubHub is another great option that you can use for food delivery. During the coronavirus pandemic, GrubHub is delaying fees that restaurants have to pay when using them in an effort to make it easier for them to do business during these trying times. Restaurants will still have to pay them the fees later, but for now, they’re all clear.


GrubHub has a similar monthly subscription plan to Uber Eats, where you pay $9.99/month and enjoy free delivery from more than 100,000 restaurants, plus a whopping 10% cashback on all orders. GrubHub also offers special rewards for customer loyalty, meaning you can earn cash rewards for ordering from the same places over time.

You can also check out another food delivery service called Seamless, which merged with GrubHub and now offers the same great rewards and monthly subscription plans. There isn’t much difference in which one you use as they both look and operate pretty much exactly the same.

Best food delivery apps in the UK

While Uber Eats is present in both the UK and the US, that little island in the North Sea has its own killer food delivery services that you can take advantage of during the coronavirus pandemic (or just whenever you’re too lazy to cook!).


Some chains in the UK - like Wagamama - only use Deliveroo for takeaways, meaning you could miss out on some options if you skip them altogether. Deliveroo can serve you everything from pizza to pho and even breakfast options.

They’ve also introduced a contactless delivery option as a response to the coronavirus pandemic where the driver will leave your food on your doorstep, then wait nearby to ensure you collect it. They aren’t waving fees from restaurants, unfortunately, which may well turn many people off of using them.



JustEat delivers from more than twice as many restaurants as Deliveroo and you can get 20% off your order with their ‘Cheeky Tuesdays’ promotion in selected restaurants. Their coverage is also more significant than Deliveroo’s, meaning they’re a better option for those of you who live outside of major cities in the UK.

JustEat also launched a 30-day support package for restaurants in March, which included them removing their fees from restaurants to support them during the coronavirus pandemic.