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The Best Reusable Air Filtration Mask for Covid-19 pandemic

Are you looking for a reusable air filtration mask to protect against the COVID-19 virus? Let's find and use an Rz Mask mask. In this article, I will show you some must-known things about Rz Mask products.

the best reusable air filtration mask for covid 19 pandemic

Why should you choose Rz Mask?

RZ is one of the popular leaders in protection by combining comfort and durability with a product that filters out 99.9% of airborne particulates. All Rz Mask filter types block 99.9% of particulates down to .1 micron. Therefore, it is effective toward most airborne pathogens like Influenza and SARS, especially for the Covid-19 virus.

RZ Mask mask is easy to put on and take off. RZ Mask has also replaceable filters including Hi-Flo Premium filters.

However, these masks only filter the air being breathed in and not the air being breathed out. So, they will only provide filtration for those wearing the mask. If you believe you have been infected, Rz Mask masks will not protect those around you from the spread of infection.

Especially, the mask must be washed with a sterilizing soap and filter replaced after each wear.

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why should you choose rz mask

Rz Mask types

  • M1 Mask
It is constructed out of Neoprene. It is a good idea for cold to mild weather. The mask is secured to the head with a single strap around the back of the neck. This allows the customer to quickly and easily apply and remove the mask.

  • M2 Mask
This mask is constructed out of a breathable mesh material which is ideal in mild to warm weather. It's also ideal for a higher intensity activity. The M2 has the same single strap as the M1.

  • M2.5 Mask
It is also constructed out of the same mesh material as the M2 however it has two adjustable elastic straps. It adds increased securement giving the user an increase in mobility.

Rz Filters types

Rz Mask has three different types of filters. All Masks come with F1 Standard Active Carbon Filters. This filter can prevent dust, fumes, odors, smoke, allergens, organic chemicals, and more.

Besides, F2 and F3 offer increased breathability compared to the F1. They both carry a 99.9% efficiency rating down to 0.1 microns. The F2 and F3 are geared towards the higher intensity user.

The F2 doesn't carry any active carbon leaving it effective only to dust and allergens. The F3 is effective against fumes, odors, smoke, and organic chemicals in addition to dust.

rz filters types

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