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Stop Worrying And Start Trail Running With 4 Essential Tips

Trail running takes you back to nature which is not reachable by vehicles. Here are some tips that you shouldn’t overlook if you are new to trail running.

Start Slowly

Starting slowly and gently, with mindfulness, is the first trail-running tip for beginners. If you’re new to trail running, the first training session should not last too long. Don’t expect too much of yourself too soon.

stop worrying and start trail running with 4 essential tips

Those who never run before should initially start by trail running two to three times a week only. Listen to your body. When you get familiar with running, try short distances of no more than four to five kilometers. Give your body the chance to adapt and recover after each trail.

Wear the right clothes

When you go out for trail, you dress not only for the weather but also for the type of trail you will be running, and the length of time. Thus, choosing the right trail-running clothes is essential.

A proper pair of shoes and a well-fitting backpack are must-have. Proper shoes for the terrain are designed to protect you from rocks and roots, especially if you are going to run alone or in remote places.

Trail-running backpacks are designed to suit your shape. They often have enough room to carry fluid plus emergency kit and snacks. It is suitable for every trail from short runs up to long adventures since it comes in different sizes from 5L to 12L.

If you are on a short run and a package is too much to carry, consider a waterproof running vest. It fits your body, it’s light and still able to carry your necessaries.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you are well fuelled when hitting the trails. This is a must, no matter how long or short your trail is. Remember that you can't just stop at the local store once you are on the trail.

It is also important to carry enough fluid for the duration of your run. You are advised to bring two bottles, one with water and the other with a sports drink.

Plan your trail

It's going to be tough when you get started, even if the distance is short. The secret to conquering all every track is a detailed plan. Always plan before entering a trail. Consider the distance, terrain, weather, and time of year.

plan your trail

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