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Skillshare vs Masterclass: Which one is right to awaken your inner artist?

With the pandemic raging more than ever, the newly popular Zoom might be great to learn one-on-one, but Masterclass and Skillshare are what reign supreme as the best online subscription platforms for learning.

skillshare vs masterclass which one is right to awaken your inner artist

So, Skillshare vs Masterclass, which one is best at awakening your inner artist? Learn the secrets of these 2 platforms here.

1. The tutors

As for any normal education institutions, the first thing you should look for when choosing your field of study is the tutors

the tutors

With Skillshare, you have a great reservoir of tutors. Anyone who is good at their creative traits can become a tutor on Skillshare, meaning you have a lot more choices when choosing your classes. However, the quality of the tutors you select may not measure up to your expectations.

the tutors 2

Masterclass, however, goes to great length for their tutor roster, securing some of the highest-profile persons in their fields, from Gordon Ramsay for culinary, to Samuel Jackson for acting classes. With them, you have the chance to learn the secret from the best of the bests!

2. The topics

It’s no use signing up if the platform you select doesn’t offer the knowledge you are looking for.

the topics

Skillshare has a massive repertoire of subjects, ranging from big ones like Business, Politics & Society, to recent fields of study Social Media, Instagram, Facebook. There’s almost no difficulty in terms of learning with Skillshare. Look for a working Skillshare coupon here to immediately lower the price of your purchase!

the topics 2

Masterclass provides a more limited selection, with most of their classes being about arts and creatives. However, with each class taught by an expert in their field, you are guaranteed to have the most in-depth know-how and experience possible.

3. The goals

While they both aim to help you elevate your innate skills, learning from Skillshare and Masterclass can result in completely different skillsets.

the goals

Skillshare courses offer more practical fields of knowledge, many of which can help instantly be employed to improve your quality of life. You are likely to find very useful skills, such as coding, photo editing, and even entrepreneurship on Skillshare. At the end of the course, you should be able to grasp what you learned thoroughly.

the goals 2

While they do have courses on various subjects, the best lessons on Masterclass focus on creative fields like acting and writing. Unlike Skillshare, where the knowledge can instantly be applied, Masterclass classes offer invaluable and in-depth tips from the best people in the fields. Plus, with high production values, Masterclass courses are very entertaining to follow.

4. The prices

Ultimately, it’s the pricing that truly matters.

the prices

Skillshare lets you sign up free of charge, and even have a wide collection of free class for you to enjoy. For those who are still on the fence, their 14-day, fully-function, and free trial can wipe away any speck of doubt they have. Premium membership costs only $15 per month and $99 per year, plus offline viewing of their content.

the prices 2

Masterclass is more pricey, as their content and features can only be accessed upon payment, without any freebies. Subscription to Masterclass is $15 monthly and $180 yearly. However, they do offer a 30-day full refund option if you aren’t happy with your purchase if their courses don’t meet your expectation.

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