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Six Epic Ways to Save 90% OFF on Designer Brands at 6pm

Want to rock designer labels with having to pay premium prices? Get up to 90% OFF designer brand’s with 6pm – a discount designer store from Amazon.com.

You don’t have to be made of money to look good. With 6pm.com from Amazon, you can find designer brands for peanuts. Looking top form has never been so easy – or cheap!

All of the stock on 6pm is discounted from the retail price, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize some tricks to get an even bigger saving. Here are some moves you can pull to get up to 90% off of designer brands at 6pm.

Designer brands for less at 6pm

It is worth noting that if you’re buying your clothes and shoes from 6pm, then you’re already making good savings compared to if you shopped in the stores themselves. Still, those who dig deeper mine bigger rewards.

Sign up for better deals

If there’s one email list that you do actually want to join, it’s 6pm. The site will send you daily deals that won’t go out to those not on the email list, meaning you have less competition to claim the best rewards. There are six sales per day on 6pm.com, with two of them being exclusively sent out in the email list. But that still leaves another four sales for you to find on the website itself…

Search the site up and down for sales

Given that there are so many sales on any given day at 6pm, you’ll want to routinely search the site to make sure that you’re actually seeing them. Not all of the sales are going to be listed on the homepage – some of them will take a little digging. You could always sign up as a member and then save certain items as favorites to be notified when they’re on sale. This will stop you from impulse buying.

6pm 1

Check the clearance section

The clearance section is where you’ll consistently find the best value on 6pm. This is the stuff that has been held onto long enough and needs to be gotten rid of. It might sound like this is where you’ll find the worst items in the site’s collection – that’s not the case. A lot of the designer clothes in the clearance section are going out of season, meaning you can get a good deal on them and use them next year.

6pm 2

Check for 6pm coupon codes

Even 6pm has discount coupon codes for you to use. You can find 6pm coupons with up to 70% off. Do a quick Google search for 6pm coupons and you’ll be amazed at how many you find. Simply choose the items you want and then apply the code at checkout to get a great deal.

6pm 3

Follow 6pm on social media

You’ll find some great daily deals through 6pm’s social media channels – they’re on Facebook, Instagram, and more, so you can follow them and get the best deals before anyone else comes knocking. You’ll also occasionally be able to get some discount codes to enter at checkout and save on your entire order.

Shop on holiday weekends

Whenever there’s a bank holiday weekend or some other public festivity, you can expect to make some even bigger savings on 6pm. These are the best times of year to find massive discount coupon codes. Installing a browser extension like Honey or Wikibuy will help you to hunt them down, but you should also do some independent searching to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Note: Try to spend more than $50 to get free shipping as well.