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Should I Use Oddsmonkey to Find the Best Bets to Place?

Matched betting has been around for a long time, but Oddsmonkey claims to be the best at allowing you to find tons of free bets with zero risks involved.

Matched betting is where you find bets that are offered for free by bookies and generally carry very little risk. These bets can be accumulated to the point where it doesn’t matter who wins the sport of game because the bet becomes about a mathematical formula, rather than the game itself.

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In this way, people claim to make around $1,500 per month with Oddsmonkey, which is a steep promise to those who are just starting out with the software. Still, those claims aren’t founded on mistruth… you can see for yourself many reviews by people who have made good money from the software.

Should I use Oddsmonkey?

The main question is: should I use Oddsmonkey, or someone else? Or should I just go it alone and not throw money at any betting software. To be fair, we’d instantly rule out going it alone unless you’re really into betting and know your way around the bookies. The chances of this for most people are extremely slim, so we’d recommend that you use a professional service based on a mathematical formula.

We would ultimately recommend that you use Oddsmonkey when making matched bets - simply because this will increase your chances of making good money by a lot. What’s more, you can get Oddsmonkey at a tasty discount with this Oddsmonkey discount coupon.

Why should I use Oddsmonkey?

As mentioned above, using Oddsmonkey will greatly increase your chances of winning money when making matched bets. But how exactly does it do that?

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They collect the most

Oddsmonkey collects tons of bets posted by more than 100 bookies, meaning that you have all the bets right there in front of you. The only digging you’ll ever have to do takes place on their site. No more chases individual bookies around to find the right bets.

They do all the math

What’s more, Oddsmonkey will do all the mathematical equations to basically ensure that you’re making a profit on most bets. The idea of Oddsmonkey is to allow you to bet on things with no risk - this guarantees that you’re making a profit each month.

Their pricing is competitive

Oddsmonkey gives you their services at just £17.99/month, which is very competitive pricing, especially considering that a lot of people are making upwards of £1,500 per month in profit. If you’re looking to just try it out for a month to see if it works, then this isn’t a lot of money to pay to potentially make huge profits - it’s also enough to guarantee that the company has no reason to fix bets or rip you off in any way. They’re making their bit, and you’re making yours - everyone wins!

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They offer a free trial

If you want to try them out, then you can simply do the free trial, which doesn’t require any credit card details, so you know it’s absolutely free with no strings attached. You can earn a guaranteed £45 in the free trial, according to the site.

Make sure to combine this with this Oddsmonkey discount coupon to get the very best deal possible!

They provide training materials

Everything works better when you actually know what you’re doing, and Oddsmonkey will provide you with free training materials both before and after you sign up to ensure that you’re not just firing off into the darkness with no idea what you’re aiming at.

You can use the Oddsmatcher

This was the original product of Oddsmonkey and it’s still widely considered to be the best odds searcher out there. If you’re just looking to look up the odds or place matched bets, Oddsmonkey is a great place to start. Check out the free trial now and see how much money you could make!