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Secrets to fresh coffee you'll wish to know sooner

Looking for fresh coffee, stored correctly which ensures the best taste? Let me reveal the right way to store coffee in this how-to blog.

As put it, "The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world's greatest inventions". That's why coffee fans do everything to maintain the freshness of the coffee - but not everyone knows how coffee storage should be. Why don't try to make your coffee last longer with the following pieces of advice?

Choose whole-bean coffee

Compared to ground coffee, whole-bean coffee often stays fresh for a longer time. Normally, ground coffee is best used within two weeks, while whole-bean coffee reserves its most flavorful taste for over a month, once opened.

Grind, grind and grind

Grind every time you are thirsty for a cup of coffee, just the amount you need, and you'll feel the difference. Ground coffee is probably not able to retain its freshness during the grinding and packaging process. Grinding coffee and have it instantly will make a greater taste.

grinding coffee

Grinding may take you some time but don’t worry since Fresh Roasted Coffee offers various Coffee Grinders, with the perfect speed, accuracy, and consistency you need.

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Forget refrigerator/ freezer

It's a popular belief that coffee should be stored in the freezer. However, that's not true. Freezer is moist, and smelly sometimes. Moisture will eventually extract the natural flavor from coffee, cause the coffee to lose its flavor and freshness.

Then, coffee beans can absorb unwanted flavors from foods in your freezer. So, don't store coffee in the freezer.

Be cautious to light and air

Light and air are also among age-old enemies of coffee, besides moisture. If you store coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements, no matter it is direct or indirect, you will put its freshness at risk. It is recommended to place coffee in a dark cabinet, in a dry place, away from light.

Best way to store coffee

To keep coffee fresh and ready to enjoy, the way it is stored is essential.

fresh roasted coffee

Airscape Coffee Bean Storage Container from Fresh Roasted Coffee is a new, premier coffee storage solution that you should kindly consider. This container will keep air from reaching your beans, as well as preventing the exposure of light, heat, and moisture.

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