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New adventurers! Devastate the battlefield with these 5 D&D classes ASAP!

Being one of the most played RPGs in any genres, D&D, or Dungeons and Dragons, has amassed a colossal player base ever since its creation. Even in 2020, new players are still joining the D&D community and sending more characters into quests every day.

new adventurers devastate the battlefield with these 5 dd classes asap

If you are a beginning adventurer though, the D&’s system can be very intimidating. The class system alone can be very difficult to get, as each class amongst the available 12 offers your character different stats and abilities.

So here are the best 5 classes for newbies to start your quest with and learn the game mechanics, ASAP!


Rogue is an excellent class for D&D beginners. They’re the optimal choice for anyone who wants to play as a physical fighter without having to swing a huge battle-ax or broadsword. As their title suggests, feel free to make your Rogue the broodiest antihero in the D&D world.


Strategy-wise, for beginners, Rogues’ Sneak Attack ignores any need for an advantage roll to successfully hit their targets. That gives you a lot of room to breathe catching up with the game’s other mechanics.


If you aren’t sure whether to gear towards spellcasters or physical fighters, pick Paladin. In D&D, Paladins are physical fighters with limited magic. As you level up, you can learn both pros and cons of both sides, making it easier to build your next D&D characters.


In-game, Paladins become a very interesting choice mid-game, as they are frontline tanks who can deal considerable damage. Pair them with good healers and watch your Paladin devastates the battlefield.


Pure Barbarians are as simple as they get in RPGs, they hit, and hit, and hit some more. With their Rage ability that grants nigh-immunity to all forms of damage, these guys fight until they drop.


Choose Barbarians if you want to slowly catch up with the intricate mechanics of the game. When you become a more proficient player, try mixing up your options to create a more well-rounded Barbarian instead.


Amongst all magical classes, Warlocks have the misfortune of having the least amount of spells and spell slots in their arsenal. But they also have the shortest cooldown between spells! It means you don’t have to ration your magics and can have fun spamming as many spells as you can.


But don’t expect much from your Warlocks mid to late game. Their limited arsenal means they are easily outclassed by any other magical classes that offer more versatility.


The most popular choice for early, mid, and late game, Fighters excel in any combats. As you gain more levels, your fighter is even more resilient than Barbarians and hits much harder than Paladin. You really can’t go wrong with this class.


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