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Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler By Neeva Baby: The Amazing Device That Soon-To-Be Mom Must Know

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.”

To get that happiness into satisfaction at the heart of soon to be mother, Neeva Baby utilizes the most recent innovation in baby heart monitoring. This astonishing gadget is known as Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler.

This article discusses in detail Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler to let every soon-to-be mom know the wonders of this product.  

Here we go.

What is Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler?

NEEVA BABY COUPONS & PROMO CODESNeeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler is a waterproof technology used in baby heart monitoring.  This device allows soon-to-be moms to hear their baby's heartbeat with ease and clarity in the comfort of their home. The back-lit LCD Screen displays the baby's heartbeat, and an audible sound is heard in real-time from the built-in high-quality speaker. 

What is included in this product when you buy it?

Neeva Baby got you covered with a complete set when you buy this product.  Just add batteries.  Everything you need is included like:
A Fetal Doppler with a 3 Mhz soft cord Probe;
60g Sample Clear Gel;
9 Month Warranty;
Free Shipping.

Is it safe to use?

The Neeva Baby Fetal Doppler is FDA and Health Canada approved. You can experience peace of mind while paying attention to your baby, knowing you and your baby are safe. The Neeva gadget merely acts as a receiver and deciphers sounds in the stomach. Everything it does is listening, nothing is at any point transmitted!

Neeva Baby guarantees that their item is quality. Their support staff is on reserve and they can be reached whenever. Incidents figure out immediately. They take a speedy response to individuals' questions, quick satisfaction, and above all spread smiles upon expecting parents’ faces when they listen to their baby’s heartbeat.

Can the product be used to diagnose any medical condition of the baby?

The Neeva Baby's item is tied in with hearing, and connecting with your baby. That being said, the item isn't expected to analyze any ailment and it ought not to be utilized to resolve views of its discoveries. It's not a replacement for a clinical specialist and suggested ultrasound check by your obstetrician. Kindly consult your clinical professional on the utilization.

Besides, kindly note that assuming you are attempting to get the reading of the fetal pulse in the early stages of the pregnancy, the heartbeat may not be sufficiently able to hear or the child might be in a place that doesn't permit the fetal doppler to get an unmistakable reading of the pulse. For this situation, it might be wise to try again in a few minutes the following day.

At times the sound waves will repeat, making it sound like there are two babies in the womb, however, each baby will have different pulses, and panic doesn't as well, except if obviously, you are anticipating twins.

What is their shipping guarantee?

NEEVA BABY COUPONS & PROMO CODESAt Neeva Baby, they endeavor to give the best delivery choices to every one of their clients. They consider a stock to be kept nearby as this will permit them to guarantee productivity as they're ready to have their things sent out to you right away. With their cutting-edge warehousing and shipping facility, in addition to the fact that they process your orders in the most time-effective way, they likewise guarantee the highest quality of service and care.

Their partnership with top shipping carriers has permitted them to use their award-winning technology to quickly refresh their clients through messages with request affirmations and tracking details in real-time. Also, just when you thought they were amazing, it gets even better. They ship to any area in the country, whether it be in the city, a provincial location, someplace in the middle of nowhere, or even postal boxes, Neeva Baby conveys anyplace that their dispatches can get to.

They vow to send the items to you completely safe, and also, their completely safeguarded transportation removes the pressure and permits you to purchase their items with certainty.

What is their shipping time?

Their shipping time is 3-5 working days, all orders are satisfied from their distribution center within 1 working day.

They generally need to guarantee their clients are fulfilled and as such, they offer the most appropriate return policy that takes into account adaptability and cleanliness considerations.

Does Neeva Baby accept the return of orders?

Returns are accepted only for unopened packages where a return label will be provided. All returns will be subjected to an 18% restocking fee. For all technical issues please send us an email at support@neevababy.com for further assistance. All orders have a 9 months warranty for any technical issues that cannot be resolved.

When can you start listening to your baby's heartbeat?

NEEVA BABY COUPONS & PROMO CODESDuring week 6 of pregnancy, the child's heart and circulatory system will begin shaping. The earlier along you are, the harder it will be to hear the baby's pulse with a Doppler. Most ladies report hearing the heartbeat between weeks 9 and 14, depending on the position of the baby in the womb.

It's essential to take note that each woman’s body is unique and babies shift regularly during pregnancy, these variables might influence when you hear the heartbeat.

Please note that patience is vital with regards to utilizing a heartbeat monitor, on the off chance that results can't be found in any less than a few minutes of endeavoring, please, attempt once more a little bit later.

What do you need to get started? 

Plug the probe into the lower part of the gadget. Embed AA batteries into the back compartment of the Neeva Fetal Doppler. Press the center power button to turn on the LCD Display. Ensure you have your Aquasonic Clear Gel close by and some tissue for cleanup later.

What steps should you take once you have your device in hand? 

Begin by resting or sitting in an agreeable position and pushing your uterus as far forward as you can. Having a full bladder can help.

Utilize Lots of Gel. A sample size of lubrication gel accompanies your Doppler. You can constantly buy more here. The gel is vital to use with the Doppler since it considers a reasonable sound. Without the gel, the Doppler won't work, the waves travel through the air and the impedance will cause static. The gel is utilized to limit air between the doppler's test and skin to give the best, generally clear sound. Assuming your gel has risen in it, you could in any case hear static. Try not to rub into the gut like a cream. Rather apply two bits straightforwardly onto the tummy and utilize the test to spread it.

Position the Probe. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the higher up your child will be situated. Assuming you're prior along, begin by setting the probe beneath your belly button and nearer to your pubic bone.

The pubic bone is a huge hard bone directly in front of your bladder in your mid-region. Finding a baby's pulse on a doppler requires a shaking movement of the probe. The most ideal way to find the heartbeat is to begin low and go sluggish. Try not to push down on the probe, delicately point it at 45* to produce the best outcome.

Drag along your midsection until you hear a heartbeat. It's vital to move gradually and in little developments, any other way you can miss the heartbeat. Recall how a doppler works is it intensifies sound when it's close by and limits it as you move further away. Delicately rock the probe from one side to another trying to not miss any area of the base piece of your mid-region until you track down the heartbeat. You will see the pulse in beats per minute (BPM) on the screen.

Does Neeva Baby offer a discount for Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler?

NEEVA BABY COUPONS & PROMO CODESYes, Neeva Baby offers a discount for Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler.  All you need to do is only watch out for their coupon and promo codes. You can especially find great coupons on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.  With one valid coupon, you can save an average of 15% at checkout.

However, Neeva Baby accepts coupon code submissions for many stores. You can only use one coupon code per order. You should apply the code that gives you the best discount. Please see their Contact Page for more details and to submit your discount.

How do you secure a Neeva Baby coupon code?

There are a few ways for you to get your hands on a working Neeva Baby coupon code.  You can subscribe to the Neeva Baby newsletter service to stay in the know of any available promotions.  You can also check in regularly with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals, for their collection of active offers, such as the Neeva Baby coupon code.

How do you use the Neeva Baby coupon code?

In using your Neeva Baby coupon codes, follow these steps: Firstly, grasp the Neeva Baby coupon at couponsplusdeals.com. Secondly, visit the Neeva Baby website, click to choose any item which you fell in love with then add it to your cart. Continue to click “Proceed to check out.” Finally, enter the code into the “Gift card or discount code” cell then apply. Your total payment will be discounted immediately.

In conclusion, Neeva Baby NANO - Fetal Heartbeat Doppler is genuinely astonishing. Thanks to Neeva Baby for creating this gadget where prospective mothers can encounter the delight of paying attention to their child's pulse at the solace of their home.

“I love love LOVE this doppler! After having a miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy within one year, having this doppler gives me peace of mind with my current pregnancy. It’s so wonderful getting to hear my rainbow baby’s heartbeat and knowing my little one is safe. I love how easy it is to use! Just a dollop of the gel and I can usually hear the heartbeat within seconds. I love that you can use headphones or the speaker. This was the most reasonably priced doppler I found and I’m so glad I made the purchase” - Nikki Turner. 

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