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More Than A Course to Start My Copy Writing Passion

Formerly Kopywriting Kourse, Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Course is the recommended writing course for all novices to marketing copywriting. But why? Here are 5 reasons for beginners to choose this course among hundreds of online courses out there. Get a head start on copywriting and more with the Copywriting Course today!

more than a course to start my copy writing passion

1. It’s basic

The best thing about Nev’s courses is how his materials tailor to beginner copywriters. To him, you are only babies. He starts his courses with the most elementary knowledge of marketing copywriting and lets you work your way up from there.

its basic

Unlike other courses where the teachers try to cramp 10 years of advanced knowledge into your head just for superiority, Nev’s courses are easy to understand. With minimum effort, he will walk you through all the basics of copywriting, one module at a time.

2. It’s practical

Nev’s courses don’t drone on hours and hours about the theory of copywriting. Instead, Nev also offers writing exercises for you to immediately apply whatever is taught during a module. Feedbacks are given during office hours, which is only a short hour after writing time.

its practical

Better yet, the Copywriting Course also has very dedicated staff for customer service. Instead of hopelessly holding your phone waiting for an operator, just email Nev directly about your problem. All queries are answered within 24 hours. He cares for his students, and it shows.

3. It’s holistic

The Copywriting Course covers a wide range of marketing and sales writing, including finding your audience, formatting and styling, your writing voice, and newsletter email. These topics are divided into smaller modules, with actual writing samples, which you can easily follow and learn from.

its holistic

Nev also offers a lot of advice and insights on copywriting free-of-charge on his Blog tab. Read articles and listen to podcasts here to stay up-to-date with your copywriting game.

4. It’s engaging

Online video lessons can bore you to tear. This is because watching someone goes on and on for 3 hours on a topic is mind-numbing. Unless you have an iron-grip focus, most likely you will have to repeat the same module a few times just for nodding off during the lesson.

its engaging

That is not the case with the Copywriting Course. Nev is very engaging with his students, even when he’s on pre-recorded videos. Which only makes his materials more convincing - if the man can make a premade recording interactive, then his content can sell anything!

5. It’s cheap

its cheap

For an introductory course, the Copywriting Course is surprisingly affordable. For big writers, like Gary Bencivenga, their courses can go up to a dizzy $5,000. Compared to that, Nev’s charging $267 for a 3-months almost seems dirt-cheap. His years of experience with brands like AppSumo, Pink Java Media, and The Hustle make every dime spent worth it.

But if his price still scares you, Nev consistently launches Copywriting Course discounts on his courses, to bring even more people into copywriting. You can try one here right now.

Get a head start on copywriting and more with the Copywriting Course today!