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Moon Cup for Plastic Free Period Revolution

MoonCup is designed for women's convenience during the menstrual period, which is also a safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. Since it is made of original, soft, medical-grade silicone it is a good tool for Plastic Free Period Revolution. It has had a high-standard reputation since 2002 by millions of users around the world. 

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The MoonCup is made in the UK by an ethical, employee-owned company. They also offer a unique Advice Service run by medical health professionals who can be contacted with any Mooncup usage queries. Their product can be avail online, in local retailers worldwide. 

First-time users may feel and get the knack the first time but on average it can take up to 3 periods to get used to it. Users will need to empty their MoonCup at least every 4-8 hours depending on their menstrual flow and after a night's sleep. MoonCup menstrual cup comes in 2 sizes: Size A or Size B.

Are you curious about how to use the MoonCup?

I am reminding readers that reusable menstrual cups should last for years and years. Once you've got it, you won't look back. You always wash your hands before inserting and removing your MoonCup. Fold it and insert the menstrual cup. Part the labia and place the cup as low down in the vagina as it will comfortably sit (lower down than a tampon). There must be a gap between the rim of the MoonCup and the cervix.

Then trim if it is your first time to use the menstrual cup. The base of the cup should sit as low as possible in the vagina. As vagina length varies, the first time you use your MoonCup you may need to trim the stem to get the best fit for you.

In removing and emptying, with clean hands, gently squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the seal then slide the cup out. Empty the content into the toilet. We recommend emptying it every 4-8 hours. Then rinse or wipe and reinsert.


These menstrual cups are also quite trustworthy. They have a maximum capacity of thirty millimeters of substance. The cup isn't even half full after twelve hours. Ordinary sanitary towels are only good for two hours of use. Athletes and women with a strong menstrual flow, as well as active lifestyles that include a lot of traveling or trekking, should use the menstrual cup.

MOONCUP COUPON CODE & PROMO CODESThey're also highly cost-effective. You don't have to throw them away once they've been used up. All you have to do now is clean them before reusing them. Menstrual cups can be used for up to ten years if they are used correctly. Regular towels are discarded immediately after usage, and new ones are purchased. You don't have to go to the sop every month during your periods if you use menstruation cups. Because they can be worn for up to twelve hours, you can only utilize a few of them.

Another advantage of reusable menstruation cups is that they are quite safe and healthful to use. Because of the bleaching of these goods, normal tampons and sanitary towels might cause infection, inflammation, and toxic shock syndrome in women. Because the menstrual cups feature a thin and flexible pouch that collects the monthly blood, you do not have to suffer from these diseases. It has the curvature of a diaphragm and is less prone to irritate the skin.

We should be grateful to technology and healthcare research for bringing washable and reusable products to modern markets. Our environment is safe, and women have access to products that are more comfortable, inexpensive, and reliable. Keep in mind that the reusable menstrual cycle comes in a variety of brands. Before you acquire them, do some study to determine which type is the best. Also, before you begin using them, read the directions.

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