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McGill Music Sax School Review 2021: The 101 to Mastering Your Sax

Among the woodwinds, nothing is more versatile than the sax. 

McGill Music Sax School Review 2021

From classical to RNB, the smooth sounds of the sax can be heard everywhere. Learning how to play the sax isn't as demanding as piano or strings, which makes it the perfect instrument to pick up this summer.

With the threat of COVID-19 still lurking around, online courses are the way to learning your sax. Among all online courses, the McGill Music Sax School is the perfect place to start learning your sax. And here’s why.

1. It has an extensive online music sheets library

It has an extensive online music sheets library

For any sax novices, choosing your first practice sheets is challenging. Music sheets can look deceptively easy at first, but show instant difficulties upon practicing. This is because popular music sheet downloading sites lack the proper classification for the difficulty and complexity of each sheet.

It has an extensive online music sheets library 1

McGill Music Sax School’s sheet library categorizes their library based on the difficulty of the sheets. Novices should start at the beginner level, while more advanced students can choose more difficult ones. The library is open for admitted students only, so you need to purchase a membership to get full access to this library.

2. It has actual success stories

It has actual success stories

Legitimacy is a problem with any online course. Many sites feature fake reviews from their employees, which are hard to tell apart from genuine ones. Many of these reviews highlight success stories with no credentials or the students’ proof of existence.

It has actual success stories 1

Worry not. Not only does McGill Music Sax School have reviews from actual past students, they consistently show off their progress or success with the sax via recordings that they send to the site. You can also watch these videos on McGill Music Sax School's official YouTube channel.

3. It is dirt-cheap!

It is dirt cheap

A challenge to many people who want to pick up playing musical instruments is the tuition. For the longest time, the thought of ‘learning music’ has been associated with huge tuition. It makes sense though: mastering any instrument takes time and discipline, so it should cost a lot to learn from them.

It is dirt cheap 1

Compared to other traditional music-learning methods, McGill Music Sax School costs considerably less. Professional training from music academies costs an average of $26,000 per year, while a one-on-one tutor charges about $2,600. McGill Music Sax School, however, only costs a minuscule 63 cents per day.

4. It has a free trial

It has a free trial

When it comes to learning, online courses are considered a gamble. The lessons are pre-recorded, meaning asking for help when you encounter any problems in a lesson is out of the question. Plus, the ‘experts’ may not be as good as advertised. Thus, many who have purchased low-quality online courses often feel distrustful when approaching future online courses.

It has a free trial 1

McGill Music Sax School lets you learn from them for free with their free trial. If you are unhappy with their services, you can discontinue the lessons and ask for a refund within 90 days after you first subscribe. Not all teaching methods will work for you, therefore a free trial lets you test the water before fully committing to the course.

Final words

Final words

Sax is a great instrument to learn because it is just so easy to play. Suitable for most genres, from classical to pop, the sax is one of the most timeless musical instruments. Learn to wow everyone with your smooth sax rendition of any classic with McGill Music Sax School today, now cheaper with their on-sale membership use Mcgill Music Sax School Coupons to avail 40% discount offer!