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ManyVids: 4 profitable must-knows for any new ‘cummers’

There aren’t many good platforms for performers in the adult entertainment industry. With how one good video can propel anyone into an A-lister overnight, why not make thousands of dollars by starting your own channel today?

manyvids 4 profitable must knows for any new cummers

Yet breaking into the adult streaming business is tougher than you think. With how stigmatized this industry is, it’s difficult to find a platform that is both lucrative and safe. Thankfully, ManyVids platform is here to provide you with 5 profitable answers to these pressing questions.

The New Cummer Badge

the new cummer badge

For newcomers, or ‘newcummers’, on ManyVids, having the New Cummer badge will make your contents appear on the New Cummer feature section. It also gives you the push you need to reach viewers, as the badge makes your account go active, and push your name and contents on top of the search and other sections on-site.

Achieving this 30-days badge is pretty easy. All you need is:

  • A profile pic
  • At least 3 vids
  • At least 5 pics

Weekly & Monthly contests give huge rewards

Being a community-driven platform, ManyVids often holds contests to encourage its stars and users to interact even more outside of their channels. Participating in these contests not only raises your popularity and can gain huge traffic to your channel, but it also gives huge rewards from the site, even discounts such as a ManyVids coupon to lower the price on premium features on the platform.

weekly monthly contests give huge rewards

Some of the best competitions to go for are:

  • Top Earners: Every month, the top 80 best earning channels on ManyVids get a bonus.
  • ManyVids Starlight: The MV Starlight is a free magazine for all ManyVids members. It allows you to create your own photoshoot and have them featured. The magazine publishes 3 photoshoots each month, and readers vote to choose their favorite. The winner gets some cash and a lot more exposure.
  • ManyVids Awards: To celebrate their content creators, ManyVids hosts an annual award ceremony, with 26 categories for you to enter. Each winner takes home a beautiful crown and $500 in cash.

Gain even more exposure with giveaways, such as the ManyVids promo code

Everyone loves giveaways. Giving your viewers something that makes them feel pampered and attended to can go a long way into building a loyal follower base.

gain even more exposure with giveaways such as the manyvids promo code

Because ManyVids doesn’t have a strict policy on giveaways, be creative! A popular way to gain exposure with giveaways without it sounding desperate is by hosting a competition with your giveaways as a prize. Your giveaways can range from free sex toys to a ManyVids promo code for a one-on-one session with the lucky viewer.

Custom store - Selling more than just your videos.

Another way to generate even more revenue from your channel is by selling more than just your videos.

custom store selling more than just your videos

ManyVids allows you to set up your store within your channel. This way you can sell any items you can think of that aren’t available on ManyVids yet. This could be innocent such as signed photos or dirty panties and penis mold. You can even push a little more sales in your store by announcing a ManyVids promo in your store description.