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Let Your Gay Flag Fly With These 7 Flaming T-Shirts This Pride March

It’s time to put your kinkiest, filthiest, most colorful clothes on and proudly strut down to the closest Pride March! But for those of us who are tamer, slogan shirts may suit us a little more. You can claim these 7 Pride slogan t-shirts for your next Pride March this June.

Let Your Gay

While this year’s Pride marches are all smaller in scale due to fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, online gatherings and small community events are still on; and they are just as spiritually fulfilling for honoring our community. So get these shirts from Teepublic now before they are sold out!

1. Love Is Love

Love Is Love

One of the most popular statements on equality, the Love is Love slogan has long been incorporated into banners, slogans and t-shirts in Pride Parades. With an LGBTQ+ rainbow heart bordering the slogan, this subtle but nonetheless proud shirt is good for anyone marching in the parade, gay or straight.

2. Let me be perfectly… queer

Let me be perfectly

You cannot be any clearer and queerer with this shirt. Having this plastered on your chest when strutting down in this Pride march, you are showing the world that you are perfectly proud of the way you are!

3. Big Gay Texas pride

Big Gay Texas pride

On-screen or off-screen, the Southern States are not known for being queer-friendly, with Texas having the worst reputation of them all. Despite that, it is the Southern state with the loudest and attended pride marches in the South. So, put this shirt on to show that it takes balls to be Southerly queer!

4. Sounds gay… I’m in

Sounds gay

The word ‘gay’ has become a denominator by many in recent years, replacing others like lame and suck. So why not try reclaiming the word by putting it on your chest, front and center? Reclaim the gay word with pride during your Pride March this June! 

5. God’s love is fully inclusive

Gods love is fully inclusive

One of the strongest and vilest protests against the LGBTQ+ community is from the religious communities. With quotes from the Bible and other religious scriptures, many of which detail how their Gods hate the gays, even though Gods love everyone. Instead of wasting your breath trying to point out this hypocrisy, let your shirt say it for you.

6. Gay AF

Gay AF

Not everyone in the LGBTQ+ community wants to express themselves with essays about being out. If you aren’t a fan of long and meandering sentences or just that good with words, just be concise. Get to the point with these two words: Gay AF!

7. Dyke University

Dyke University

One more joke about being experimental in college cannot hurt. Show exactly when you enter your sexual awakening phase with this Dyke University logo shirt. With this logo on your chest, it is a lot easier to find people from the same school as you.

8. Bonus: Teepublic promo code

Teepublic promo code

T-shirts that support the LGBTQ+ community aren’t as rare as they once were, but getting them just in time for the nearest Pride March may be a challenge. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many delivery services are experiencing delays. 

Not Teepublic though. Not only do they sell the sassiest shirts, but they also deliver on time. The platform also blesses all gay men and women out there with a Teepublic discount for all Pride shirts. So get these shirts from Teepublic now before they are sold out!
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