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Latest Crocoblock review - An amazing tool for WordPress website

Do you want to build websites smarter and easier? Choose Crocoblock to enjoy a modern set of tools that help you create attractive WordPress websites. In this Crocoblock review, we will provide you useful information about Crocoblock products as well as their discount programs.

latest crocoblock review an amazing tool for wordpress website

What is Crocoblock?

Crocoblock is a subscription service including everything for Elementor Page Builder. You will find more than 1000 sections, numerous ready-made pages for the Elementor and Jet plugins package.

You can build Mega Menu and arrange it with the help of a page builder and a ton of widgets. Besides, with Crocoblock, you also have an opportunity to create and design the footer, header, archive, and single-page templates.

Crocoblock provides plugins for creating a blog, tabs, and accordion blocks as well as gloss visuals. You should not worry about the license agreement as well, because Crocoblock offers all-in-one.

What is included in the Crocoblock subscription?

The subscription includes everything as provided in one's pricing plan. You can get free to download the products included in the subscription from the Your Account page.

Here you can find some following products:

Kava theme - the free clean WordPress theme

Jet Plugins Wizard - automatic plugins and demo's installer plugin

Jet Elements: It adds dozens of new elements to the Elementor page builder.

JetTabs: Create tabbed content using the Elementor page builder.

JetBlog: Add some blogging-specific elements to the Elementor page builder like post grid, post navigation, advanced carousel, post pagination, much more.

Jet Reviews: Add a review element to the Elementor page builder and enable you to create great-looking review content sections.

Jet Woobuilder: Add WooCommerce related elements to the Elementor page builder like a shopping cart, recent products, featured products, best sellers, and much more.

what is included in the crocoblock subscription

How should I get updates at Crocoblock?

You can download all the updates from your personal account page.

You can also get updates directly via the WordPress Dashboard using the Crocoblock panel. This panel will help you update the products in a convenient way without needing to upload and reinstall them. Especially, you can get the latest version of the full package, or download the products separately.

Crocoblock updates include:

- New pre-designed sections

- Fresh stylish skins

- Brand new Jet plugins

- Fixes and improvements for existing products.

Can I use Jet plugins separate for different sites?

Yes, it is possible.

The Annual license per 1 site gives you the right to use all the products only once. However, you can use them separately or all at once.

The Annual license allows using any product you want for an unlimited number of sites.

The Lifetime license also allows using all the products for unlimited websites as many times as you need for all time.

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