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Is WebCE Good for Continuing Education and CPE?

Want to find an effective solution for Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Education? Take a look at this post to explore the top reasons to choose Web CE, plus  hunt the latest offers for your courses!

Is WebCE Good

What are the differences between CE and CPE?

CE and CPE courses seem really interchangeable, however, they have some different points such as how many credits you need, or where/who reports them. Learn more here!





Continuing Education (CE) is a voluntary program by the IRS. You need to complete the appropriate number of CE courses for maintaining enrolled agent status. Agents also report your result to the IRS after you pass an IRS-approved CE course

In every state, you need to enroll in Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses to renew a CPA. Each state has standards approved by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy). Therefore, there are additional requirements as well depending on your location.


Earn 72 hours of CE credits over three years (with a minimum of 16 credits per year) to maintain your status as an enrolled agent. Not tax courses will give enough to qualify you for CE credits because these courses must be approved by the IRS.

Each state has its standards from the number of credits you must earn to the time to report periods. 

You will get a notice when your state’s board requires a report for the CPE credit you earn.


For CE credit

Who: Enrolled Agents (EA)

How many credits: 72 credits every 3 years.

Report to: IRS

For CPE credit

Who: CPAs

How many credits: Based on state.

Report to: State boards of Accountancy.

To find CPE online courses and CE courses, check out WebCE because they have good exam prep courses and continuing education as a webinar or self-study course. For more information, turn to the next part!

Why should you try WebCE?

1. Best solution for your learning

1000 courses sold each year, how can WebCE do this? Because they provide exceptional professional development solutions for better results than other providers.

Best solution for your learning

With a professional working, they offer unique and effective courses for diverse customers such as exam prep courses, continuing education courses, company training, and career training.

  • WebCE Exam Prep: This product helps you learn, maintain, and apply important concepts. It also designs with all learning styles allowing you to learn wherever you want with audio-enabled courses. 

  • WebCE Continuing Education: They update and offer the latest continuing education, so you can complete your CE and learn new knowledge from other professions. WebCE is proud that they always provide up-to-date trends from industry experts.

  • WebCE Company and Career Training: WebCE gives competitive ideas for your career by offering new topics, improving old concepts, and enhancing your knowledge base. 

2. WebCE special offers

Like other providers, WebCE wants to provide a good benefit for their loyal clients. If you want to see current promotions, you can visit the 'Webce's Special Offers' page to find out WebCE coupons and discounts such as

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WebCE special offers

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In conclusion, WebCE is an interesting choice with high-quality products at a moderate price!

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