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Incredible Artworks by Juniper Print Shop

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Artworks assume a supporting part to finish the vibe of your home with minimal expenditure. They characterize the character of the house, yet they likewise portray the stylish feeling of individuals residing in that house. The sort of craftsmanship that you set up will depict your insight into innovativeness. Consequently, picture frames are a fundamental piece of the interior design of the property.

For your artworks at home, Juniper Print Shop Coupon Code adds the ideal final detail to any wall of your home with their art prints. It is viewed as the way to any effective interior design. They can make the right subject and the right difference following the wall color and size.
This article presents the ten incredible artworks by Juniper Print Shop.  Let us discover the beauty behind these artworks for more appreciation.

Here we go.

1. Tidal I

JUNIPER PRINT SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESThis incredible artwork is created by Jenny Komenda.  It depicts a rocky shoreline that meets the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean as it breaks and fills tide pools near Waimea Bay in Oahu. You can also secure the Tidal II. 

From the viewpoint of the artist, there is something magical about the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Time feels different there and there seem to be more moments of quiet to reflect on while enjoying the incredible scenery. It has long been one of my favorite places to visit and explore. The author brought her camera along on their last trip to Oahu to document some of the prettiest moments of their adventures.

2. Dusk

This artwork is about the loosely painted landscape containing various shrubs and hedges beneath a soft sky.  From the viewpoint of the artist, the “Dusk'' contains loose and imperfect brush strokes to create movement and a sense of joy. There are different spots of interest within this landscape that grab your eye and pull you in. The author finds a different moment to enjoy each time she gazes at this piece, but the soft clouds that melt into the sky tend to be her favorite."

3. Calico I

The artwork depicts a neutral abstract with organic shapes and warmer tones of black, green-gray, and cream, originally painted in acrylic mixed with plaster on canvas.

One of the artist's favorite simple DIY projects is using tinted plaster to "paint" thrift store vases and lamps. The texture is so beautiful and the matte finish gives new life to these pieces. She had all her plaster painting supplies out one day and decided to mix up a few colors to lay down on a couple of canvases. She used a palette knife here instead of a brush and she likes the smooth, chalky look.  

4. Hanging Fern

This monochromatic hanging fern was painted with watercolors on watercolor textured paper. "Being a homebody, the best way to bring nature indoors is with houseplants. She loves ferns - hardy and super easy to take care of. She had to immortalize her love for them on paper. The monochromatic color palette adds a touch of nostalgia."

5. Fishermen

JUNIPER PRINT SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESA pen sketch on paper looking out across a small lagoon of anchored boats and fishermen hard at work.  One of the most well-known artists of the Gilded Age, British-based American artist James Abbott McNeil Whistler's iconic work is on display in museums throughout the world. A forerunner of Post-Impressionist art, Whistler was a vocal proponent of the modernist philosophy of creating "art for art's sake." His work was known for its limited color palette and subtle tonal contrasts, as well as his famous signature made in the shape of a butterfly.

6. Motherhood

A black-and-white etching featuring a mother and her children resting on a coastal dune overlooking the ocean.

Jozef Israëls was a 19th-century Dutch painter most known for his paintings done in the Dutch fishing village of Zandvoort, near Haarlem, which depict compassionately honest portrayals of the Dutch peasantry and capture the simple and sometimes tragic moments of life in a small fishing village.

7. Spring Night

The dark tones create a moody night scene. Originally painted in oil by Laurel-Dawn Latshaw, this print features moonlit, lakeside trees.

The artist found herself painting familiar southern views in most of her work. The enchanting tree lines at every vantage point keep her inspired by her surroundings. This view is from her parent's home on Lake Martin, Alabama. The pines in the distance and budding tree branches woven together are the mark of a mild, southern scape— a view transitioning from one season into the next. The warm air lifts a pink haze from the earth and the glint of the moon reflects off gentle, rising waters. Spring is short in Alabama, so the evenings before the cicadas of summer start humming, are precious and punctuated.

8. Rockies II

The artwork is about the last signs of winter melting away in this beautiful black and white duo of the Rocky Mountains. 

The first time the artist hiked this place was in the winter and so much of the beauty you see in this photo was covered. She couldn't believe her eyes when she returned on a summer day. She was rushing to catch the views before the storm chased her out and she just wasn't prepared for this scene. She snapped this photo, took another couple of moments to take in this view, put her dogs on a leash, her baby on her back, and hurried back down the trail. This view has lived in her head rent-free ever since.

9. Swan

This vintage watercolor art print features a serene swan on a deep, black background.  Aert Schouman was a Dutch painter who, along with being a prolific and versatile artist, was a glass engraver, painter of wall-hangings, printmaker, collector, and dealer. Schouman is best known for his careful studies of animals and plants, and he is regarded as one of the best 18th Century Dutch watercolorists. Schouman was an amateur naturalist who spent considerable time in natural history museums, and his studies are admired for their combination of almost scientific accuracy and pronounced artistic skill.

10. Heirloom

JUNIPER PRINT SHOP COUPONS & PROMO CODESWistfully haunting, this piece from Hannah Winters features her vintage-inspired style of painting. A tree that bends, but doesn't break. It's beautiful and emotive.

The artist titled this piece 'Heirloom' because she wanted it to feel like vintage art that's been passed down for generations. Antique and vintage landscapes are what inspired her and moved her to get back into painting and she’s happy to produce work that gives the feeling she's loved for so long.

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In conclusion, Juniper Print Shop stays reliable in giving artworks that will complete everyone's home with minimal expenses. With their new release artworks, they are seen as the way into any viable interior design. They can make the right subject and the right distinction following the wall color and size.

“Awesome collection of designs to choose from. Amazing variety of products. High-quality printing. Excellent prices. Super fast shipping. Very happy customer!” - Latoya V.

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