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iCare Gifts: 5 perfect gift baskets for your incarcerated loved ones

Holidays can be cold and lonely for those who are doing their time in prisons. No matter big or small, the right gift can be uplifting to the inmate, making their prison lives a little less bleak.

icare gifts 5 perfect gift baskets for your incarcerated loved ones

But what is the ‘right’ gift for someone in prison? Explore the 5 gift baskets to cheer up your incarcerated loved ones this holiday season with iCare Gifts.

Any snacks baskets

Food is definitely on top of the list of what to send to anyone in prison. Prison food has hilariously but rightfully made its way into pop culture for how horrible they are. A light snack basket can add that missing spice to the bland prison food.

any snacks baskets

An iCare Gift snack basket usually consisted of chips, ramens, candies, and sometimes instant coffee. At iCare Gifts, there is a large variety of snack baskets for you to choose from, such as the potato chips filled Quick Pack. All of these packs are no more than $60.99, even less when purchased with an iCare Gifts promotional code.

The Men’s Hygiene basket

Inmates aren’t expected to groom themselves in prison. While most prisons allow their inmates to have a bar of soap for showering, that is as far as they are given for personal hygiene. This only qualifies as minimum living conditions, and you will be surprised by how much a little more soap can significantly improve their lives.

the mens hygiene basket

The Men’s Hygiene basket is filled with shampoo, toothpaste, and soaps that will remedy their basic need for hygiene. For just $31.99, your loved one can be a little cleaner.


For big eaters, the average snack baskets may not be enough. The KEEPIN IT REAL basket is made specifically to satisfy big appetites. With pickles and packaged tuna, spicy ramens and coffee, and a side of cookies and snacks, this basket will make sure your loved one stays well-fed during this holiday season.

the keepin it real basket

With the price of $50.99, this gift basket is ready to go! It’s even cheaper when you combine it with an iCare Gifts for inmates promo codes.


For those with a sweet tooth, holidays in prison can be hard. With how most holiday snacks are on the sweeter side of the menu, the choices for holiday snacks in prison are extremely limited.

the miss you a latte basket

This holiday season, why not send your loved one something sweet to soothe their palate? Including hazelnut coffee, espresso ground coffee, and chocolate donuts, the MISS YOU A LATTE basket can bring joy to the world of a sweet-deprived inmate.

Send this sugary basket to your loved one today for just $39.99!

Bonus round: the iCare Gift promo code

These baskets from iCare Gifts can certainly improve the quality of life in prison for your incarcerated loved ones, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. With each basket being around $25 at least, sending your gifts can be costly, especially when you want to spread your holiday spirit for more than just one person.

bonus round the icare gift promo code

With the iCare gift promo code, the price tag for your gift basket can be significantly reduced. Don’t miss another moment looking for a working iCare Gift coupon! With our regularly updated coupon collection, you can now send your loved ones their gift baskets for the best price there is today!