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How to Save Money on Harkla Weighted Blankets with Promo Codes

Weighted blankets have been proven to improve sleep for kids and adults with anxiety, autism, ADHD, PTSD, and more. Save money on Harkla weighted blankets here.

Weighted blankets have been shown to improve sleep in children and adults. People who suffer from anxiety and autism stand to benefit the most from using a weighted blanket. The extra weight simulates deep touch which releases serotonin and thus helps to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

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Harkla Weighted Blankets are designed specifically for children, although they can be used by adults as well. While many companies use rice and other less comfortable materials, Harkla Weighted Blankets use glass beads and poly pellets to make weighted blankets that are more comfortable. They also use materials on the outside that produce a positive sensory experience, ideal for young sleepers with special needs.

How to save money on Harkla Weighted Blankets

Harkla Weighted Blankets are quite reasonably priced, although you can save more money by using Harkla Weighted Blanket discount coupons. You can save more than 10% on Harkla weighted blankets right now, on top of the discounts that are currently available on their website.

Harkla is no stranger to online sales, which they routinely use to promote their products. This means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a good deal on your Harkla weighted blanket. If there isn’t a sale on, then be patient and wait a while until there is - you won’t have to wait for long.

You can also make use of browser extensions to automatically find discount coupons and apply them at checkout without you having to even check online for coupons. For best results, do your own search and use a browser add-on to ensure that you’re definitely not overlooking any good discounts.

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Why should you use Harkla Weighted Blankets

Harkla weighted blankets can benefit children with special needs, as well as adults who have sleep issues. Many of us suffer from anxiety - it’s one of the most common mental health issues in today’s world, and it’s only becoming more common.

If you suffer from anxiety, or you struggle to get to sleep at night but can’t figure out why then a weighted blanket could make all the difference for you. Weighted blankets allow for a more sensory experience when getting to sleep, and this is proven to reduce anxiety.

You can find out more information about Harkla weighted blankets and what the right weight for your needs on the Harkla official website.

How to Save Money on Harkla Weighted Blankets with Promo Codes 3

For children with autism

Aside from improved sleep, there are a variety of benefits from using a weighted blanket for your child. For children with autism, a weighted blanket can be a great way to transition between activities - something that children with autism often struggle to do.

When children are excited, turning the lights down and putting them under a weighted blanket is a great way to calm them down and prepare them for a new activity, like study or eating dinner. You could also utilize the weighted blanket in a child’s pre-bedtime routine. Putting the blanket over them while they’re on the couch or watching Tv, and slowly calming them down for sleep.

Classroom performance can also be improved with deep touch pressure. You could use a weighted vest when your child comes into the classroom from recess, which has been shown in studies to improve classroom performance.

For children with ASD and SPD, weighted blankets can help to improve sensory awareness of the body. This is an important part of a child’s development and can be facilitated by using a weighted blanket.