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How to Never Miss Amazon Discounts – Save Money on Amazon

Want to make sure you’re always getting a great deal on Amazon.com? Here are some awesome ways to never miss out on an Amazon sale and save big bucks!

If you’re an Amazon addict who hates to miss out on a good deal, then you’re not alone. We’ve put our brains together to come up with some great tricks that you can develop to make sure you’re never missing a good discount on Amazon again.

There are tons of ways to save money using Amazon coupons, signing up to Amazon mailing lists to receive offers directly into your email, and making the most of the website’s many sales and money- saving tricks.

How to never miss Amazon discounts

If you’re paying full price for your Amazon purchases, then you’re missing out. Follow these tricks of the trade to get access to great deals.

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Check Today’s Deals

Make sure to check the Today’s Deals tab at the top of the Amazon website. This is where you’ll find great discounts on everyday items. You can also find the Lightning Deals, which tend to disappear very fast. You can save big money on selected items by keeping an eye on the deals of the day.

Get a month-long Prime membership for Prime Day

Prime Day is the biggest time of the year to make savings on Amazon – it’s even bigger than Black Friday for the site. In fact, it’s so big that it’s slowly cementing unofficial holiday status. You can make the most of Prime Day by becoming an Amazon Prime member.

If you don’t want to pay out for that membership all year, then no worries – you can now become a Prime member for a single month. The small price to pay for this will allow you access to tons of massive discounts across the site.

Subscribe & Save

Anyone can use Subscribe & Save to sign up for regular deliveries of the same product and make savings. This is ideal for everyday items like toiletries and pet food. You’ll save up to 15% on these products each month by using Subscribe & Save.

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Use Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is basically full of items that the company has too much of – usually due to customer returns. Amazon can’t sell customer returns as new items, even if they’re in perfect condition. When you’re shopping on the site, find the ‘New and Used’ links with a cheaper price.

From here, look for sellers listed as ‘Amazon Warehouse’. You’ll notice that this is a Prime feature. If you’re serious about making big savings on Amazon, then you will want to invest in a Prime membership. Note that you can share a Prime account with a partner or family member – just split the cost each month. Easy.

Browser extensions

There are plenty of Amazon coupon hunting browser extensions like Honey, Wikibuy, and more, that automatically add on discount coupons and codes at checkout to give you a better price. In this way, you can always be sure to get a good deal on the product that you’re after. If you can’t find any coupons for that product, then come back later and see if something pops up – it usually does.

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Use Amazon coupons

While browser extensions will do a great job of hunting down codes and discounts on products that you’re already about to buy, hunting down Amazon coupon codes more generally can help you locate deals that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. For example, you might find a 20% off of electrical items coupon valid on a special day of the year. Make sure to do frequent research for Amazon coupons to save money.