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How to drink coffee more healthy?

Is drinking coffee not healthy? It depends. “Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all” - as someone puts it. That said, it’s still controversial between coffee lovers and healthy people whether coffee is good or not for our health. I believe that how coffee influences our health relies on how we use it. Follow these tips to drink coffee healthy.

Avoid Caffeine After 2 PM

Caffeine intake is a common way to keep you awake as it helps boost your energy. Even so, drinking coffee after 2 PM could reduce the quality of your sleep.

Not everyone who has a cup of coffee late in the day can still sleep tight at night as some of us are sensitive to caffeine. The high level of caffeine in coffee will make us struggle to fall asleep after that. Poor quality of sleep surely results in serious health problems including heart disease.

Thus, if you want a good night's sleep, rule number 1: no coffee after 2 PM. If you have no choice but to drink coffee after that time, choose a decaf instead.

Avoid Adding Sugar to Your Coffee

One secret to staying healthy is to stay away from sugar.

avoid adding sugar to your coffee

Coffee is healthy by nature, yet if you load your coffee with a bunch of sugar, it will be harmful. Sugar, with its high amount of fructose, is considered to be one of the least preferred ingredients for a healthy body. Intake of added sugar can cause obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Less sugar in your coffee cup lowers the risk of getting those diseases.

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Add Some Cinnamon to Your Coffee

Though it might sound weird to some people, the mixture of cinnamon and coffee is surprisingly good. Cinnamon will not only spice up your coffee but also enhance your health.

Cinnamon can help prevent heat-related illnesses, increase antioxidants, and soothe cold symptoms. A dash of cinnamon makes the coffee taste better and at the same time improves your health.

add some cinnamon to your coffee

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Choose a Quality, Organic Brand as Coffee Over Cardio

The quality of coffee of different brands varies greatly due to different producing methods and how the coffee beans were grown.

Some coffee is grown with pesticides and other chemicals that are not good for our overall health. That’s why we need to consume coffee from a reliable brand. Yet no worries needed with Coffee Over Cardio.

choose a quality organic brand as coffee over cardio

Their beans come from the South American countries through Direct Trade with their farms. All of Coffee Over Cardio coffee are GMO & Gluten-free, made from 100% high-quality arabica beans, flavored with extracts, vegan and keto-friendly, with no sugars added.

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