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Five Money-Saving Tips for Single Mums - Make Life Easier

Being a mum is hard. Being a single mum is harder. Here are five money-saving tips to help you get through the month with a little less on your mind.

Being a single mum is easily one of the most challenging jobs there is. It comes with a huge reward, of course, but still, it’d be nice if things were a little easier to finance. There are some ways that you can cut back and make savings though.

Here are five money-saving hacks for single mums. They could be used by anyone, of course, but they’ll certainly be appreciated by all the single mums (okay, and single dads, too) out there who are going it alone.

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5 money-saving tips for single parents

The trick is to start with the little things and work your way up. That might sound easy - it’s not. It might sound like small change - it is, but that small change quickly adds up.

You’ve already got about 90% of your income reserved for rent/mortgage, food/bills, childcare, and other things, so you’re left with 10% at best. Anything you add to this could turn it from 10% to 15%, which will leave you with 50% more disposable income after everything else has been paid for. That’s enough of math…

Play the banks off one another

If you walk into a bank with a curious expression on your face and tell them you’re thinking about switching, then they’ll start trying to incentivize you to do just that. Make out like you’re still not sure and they might start throwing in offers. Some banks will offer you some money each month just for making a deposit. Throw some money into that account every month (maybe your paycheck) then switch it out to your daily account. This can help with budgeting, too.

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Cut back on the coffee

This would read better as cut back on the little things. Sure, they’re the things that ultimately make or break your day, but a cup of coffee costs around $3.50 and that’s actually quite a lot. Just carry your own coffee flask instead. Similarly, when you go out, don’t drink - or just have one glass. Avoid snacks and fancy treats. You can make do without it all.

Learn to cook… better

Learn how to make better meals for less. Bulk cooking will help you to save money throughout the week while using more vegetables and things like rice and some simple spices will help you to make delicious meals for relatively little money.

Get rid of fees

Parking, ATM fees, interest, whatever it is, try and get rid of it. If it means walking more and taking public transport, then so be it. Whatever you can do to get rid of fees, it’s worth doing this stuff. You can take advantage of free trials like Amazon Prime to get free shipping for your online shopping for a month or storecards to get discounts on essentials. Kick the fees in the but.

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Use discount coupons online

You should be doing your shopping online anyway to get the best deals, but using discount coupons when online shopping is a must. You can download add ons lime Honey and Wikibuy to automatically hunt the web for discount coupons and add them to your checkout, or you can look yourself to find great coupons and deals online.

This is one of the easiest ways to save money, so don’t miss out on it!