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Five Browser Extensions to Save You Money While Shopping

What if you could save money every time you shop online? With these five browser extensions, you can find coupons and deals to save you money when you shop.

Shopping online is a great way to cut out the middleman and find a good price on the goods that you want – but what if there was a way to save even more? With the help of some very clever browser extensions, you can save loads of cash when you’re shopping.

These extensions work by searching the net for active coupons and vouchers that apply to the product or brand you’re shopping for. By using them, you can get the products you want and save some money aside for the finer things in life.

Top browser extensions to save you money

There are a range of different extensions to save you money while shopping. They work in a variety of different ways – some of them find you coupons, while others look for other websites selling the same product for a cheaper price.

By using two or three of them, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a good price on anything!

five browser extensions to save you money while shopping 1


The undisputed king of money saving extensions, Honey automatically applies discount codes and vouchers at checkout. The browser extension was recently purchased by money transfer giant PayPal for a whopping $4 billion, further cementing its position as the go-to name for saving money while shopping.

Installing Honey is simple, and the rewards are massive. Honey isn’t just for buying material products, either. You can use it for everything from buying a new pair of Levis to ordering a Dominos.

five browser extensions to save you money while shopping 2


If you want to make double-sure that you’re getting a good coupon at checkout, then Shopper.com is another great extension to save you money while shopping online. This extension works in much the same way as Honey and works with more than 38,000 brands worldwide.

five browser extensions to save you money while shopping 3


Wikibuy is an extension that looks for coupons and alternate seller when you’re shopping on Amazon and other online retailers. Most reviews of the extension point out that it’s more effective at finding coupons for products listed on Amazon than Honey.

If you’re an Amazon addict, then Wikibuy is a must-have browser extension for saving you money while you shop. It looks through other websites like eBay, Target, and Walmart – as well as other stores within Amazon – to find your product at a cheaper price.

five browser extensions to save you money while shopping 4


Ever parted with your money for a product, only to see that the price has dropped the next week? Piggy was designed to get you refunds when there’s a price drop on a product you recently purchased.

Piggy will save the purchases that you make and track them to see if the price drops – if it does, then Piggy will automatically send a request for a rebate. On top of this, Piggy works with more than 6,000 online stores to hunt down discount coupons and deals for you so that you can save even more money while shopping.

five browser extensions to save you money while shopping 5


The final entry on our list is Dream. This is a money-saving browser extension with a pretty neat twist. Dream links to your bank account and automatically takes out money every two-weeks.

The more money you have in your Dream account, the more lottery-style entries you’ll be entered into to win discount coupons on various vacations. Your money is secure and you’ll likely be able to win some great coupons out of it.

If you’re planning on saving for a vacation, then we definitely recommend using Dream. It’s a fun and creative way to save you money on your next holiday.

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