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Fight 2021 Snowstorms With The Best Winter Boots and Blundstone Discount Code

We are going through the unusual coldest winter days with terribly harsh snowstorms. Let’s jump into reviews about three best winter boots and enjoy the Blundstone discount code at the end for more savings.

blundstone discount code

Best three winter Blundstone boots

No matter how cold the weather is, we still have to live and work. In this section, we include favorite options of winter for everyday use, working, venturing out in extremely cold weather. They are especially in style for both men and women.

The Blundstone #994, boot for working

You have met the toughest boots for the toughest workplace. Many winter boots are specialized for warmth, mobility, or even style. But the #994 is perfectly designed for those who work on heavy industrial sites and even in underground mining.

boot for working

Premium leather is treated to provide extra water-resistant properties. Meanwhile, the rubber outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 572°F. With those materials, the boots are reasonably light, very grippy, and comfortable for working and for hiking and snowshoeing as well.

It’s also a good value to buy this kind of boots at $280. However, you still can find better models for quite a bit less at Blundstone.

Grasp a Blundstone discount code to save 15% off.

The #550 youth classics Chelsea, boot for daily use

The #550 model stands out in the Youth Chelsea Boots collection with walnut brown color. It’s also a best-seller boot through recent winter seasons. Moreover, it can be your right box for a quality budget option.

boot for daily use

The boot has a traditional construction with a premium water-resistant supple leather upper and leather lining leather. It provides a perfect solution for waterproof protection for the feet and toes in the winter. Besides, with the TPU outsole, you will never feel tired out on your feet all day long.

The #550 is light, comfortable, and more suitable for daily use. On the boot, you will feel the right balance of comfort and protection against outdoor elements.

What I love most is its classic style. Therefore, it is easy to mix with any style of clothing. Buying the #550 costs you $199.95 only, cheaper than a boot for working.

The #2006 Youth Active Chelsea, boot for venturing out

Unlike the two models above, this boot is special for venturing out. I want to introduce a kind of boot for active men and women who spend a lot of their time discovering the world outside.

boot for venturing out

Blundstone has proprietary technology in designing the sole, midsole, and footbed. Thanks to this, the boot provides additional support with every step you take.

The Youth Active boot is beautifully made with high-quality leather, a durable EVA outsole, and an airflow system to keep you nimble on your feet all the time. It has an attractive range of available colorways like Navy, Black, Brown.

For mild winters, short trips outside, or even on wet fall and spring days, the youth active boot is a fun and stylish choice. It is also the cheapest boot in the Chelsea collection, around $164 only.

Save your purchase with the 2021 Blundstone Discount Code

If you want to save on a winter boot, our advice is to look for a Blundstone discount code. In comparison with other winter boot stores, Blunstone has a little bit higher price.

However, you have a high-quality boot to keep you warm and in style through the winter. Moreover, if you own a discount code, it can help you save a lot on your order. Read more saving tips to save money with Blundstone promo code 2021 to buy at better prices.

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Grasp a Blundstone discount code to save 15% off.