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Exploring the Amazing Features of Warfare Plugins’ Products: The Ultimate Social Sharing Arsenal

If you are passionate about eCommerce, you need to build up a common meeting point for your clients and suppliers where shopkeepers can share the costs and particulars of a single item. 

It is where the essentiality of the plugin comes into the picture.  The plugin is utilized to stretch out or add usefulness to your site. For instance, to sell items or take gifts on your site, you will require a plugin to deal with that.

This article explores the amazing features of Warfare Plugins’ products and discovers how these products became the ultimate social sharing arsenal.  


These products were made by a group of professional content creators, designers, and developers who have a tremendous interest in social media marketing. They aim to help bloggers, content makers, and advertisers flourish.

 It seems like I’m giving you now the clue why you should subscribe to these products.

Warfare amazing products.

1. Social Warfare

https://www.couponsplusdeals.com/warfare-plugins-coupons The good thing about this product is that you can get more web-based media shares which can prompt more site traffic with the best sharing plugin for   WordPress!  This was done by a group of web-based media marketing specialists and world-class developers who are obsessed with performance.

 So that you can appreciate more of this product, let me tell you that most social sharing plugins for WordPress slow down the site.  This way, it turns out that such plugins are not alluring and certainly don't work how you would hope.

But, Social Warfare is both lightning-fast and lovely. Not only will it never delay your site like other sharing plugins, but it also gives you the most alluring buttons accessible that look great regardless of screen size or resolution. You can choose the top social network sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.

 You can likewise pick where you need the buttons to appear. Select from the following placement options like above the post content, beneath the post content, both above and underneath the post content, none (or) manual placement.

 They can also give you the ability to have floating share buttons follow your readers down the screen when static (non-floating) buttons are not in view. This way the reader will always have easy access to your share buttons, regardless of where they look on your page.

 The outcomes will be astonishing because this product will gladly display how frequently your content has been shared-even tweet counts (with a Social Warfare - Pro license)!   Social Proof is a strong psychological tool that has been demonstrated to impact much more shares.

They utilize the social network API endpoints to guarantee that the most dependable share counts are shown 100% of the time. You can decide to show your most popular posts in light of which social network they were well known on and permits you to display and customize the look with post thumbnail images, image and text size, custom visual themes, and custom date range.

You can click to Tweet quotes. This is a straightforward and viable method for making tweetable quotes just inside your posts or pages. This has demonstrated to build the average number of tweets per article drastically.

You can also utilize shortcodes to manually put share buttons anywhere.  If you want to put buttons in the middle of an article, you can with our [social_warfare] shortcode.

What if you wished to add share buttons to a page but have them share out a different page altogether (like being able to share your “Sign-up” page from your “Thank You” page)? Social Warfare permits you to do this! Assuming that you're knowledgeable about PHP, you can likewise guide Social Warfare into your subject formats for hyper customization.

And what is more astounding with regards to this product is that it has content protection. They have constructed their exceptionally requested Frame Buster directly into Social Warfare so you are shielded from content hijackers to put their notices on top of your content without your consent.

2. Social Warfare – Pro

https://www.couponsplusdeals.com/warfare-plugins-coupons This product offers huge loads of great features to make your social sharing all the more impressive. It provides your site with the most impressive arrangement of social sharing elements while keeping your page load times very quick.

 This add-on will open up a new level of control, customization, and optimization for your WordPress-fueled site. It has extra sharing options and Pro license holders where you can get access to the following social network share buttons Reddit, Tumblr, Yummly, WhatsApp, Pocket, Buffer, Hacker News, Flipboard, Email. In addition to the extra social networks, you can likewise reactivate, track and show Twitter tweet counts!

 What is more attractive about this product is that you can pin all the images. Enabling the Image Hover Pin Button will place a “Pin” button over top of every image inside of your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes every image on your page highly shareable to Pinterest!

 It permits you to decide exactly which image, title, and description appear when your content is shared on sites like Facebook and Google+. This is also applicable to any other networks that use Open Graph data for social shares.

 On top of that, you can transfer a custom Pinterest image and compose a custom description so when somebody taps the pin button, the specific image you've picked appears with precisely the description you've composed. No more hoping that your readers pick the best image and write an ideal description for you!

In addition to that, you can also create a custom tweet for when someone clicks on the Twitter button. The exact tweet you wrote will be shown in the Twitter share box and Social Warfare will automatically add the link to your content and your @username to the end of it. These capabilities are what professional social media marketers and bloggers have been waiting for.

You can customize which sharing networks you display, how your buttons appear, and where they show up. You can pick from 6 different button shapes, 8 different color themes plus the ability to select custom colors for your buttons. The design combinations are limitless.

You will likewise get 6 different Click Tweet styles and a choice to make your style through your theme’s CSS. Assuming you would like to just show counts after a specific least number of shares has been met (to keep away from "negative social proof"), you can do that too. Or on the other hand, assuming that you'd prefer to simply have no counts appearing by any means, switch them off altogether.

It has Share Recovery which implies that your lost share counts get recovered. Have you at any point changed permalink structures, domain prefixes, connection protocols (HTTP-HTTPS) or only completely changed domains and ended up losing all your social share counts?

It has a tool directly into Social Warfare called Share Recovery which permits you to get back your lost share counts on the off chance that you've at any point needed to modify your permalink settings.

It has Social Authorship, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins, and more. It's great to have your stuff shared via social media, it's significantly more pleasant when you get referenced in the social share. With Social Warfare you can guarantee that your authorship is generally set up, including Facebook author and publisher attribution; Facebook application link (advanced users); Twitter publisher and author attribution “via @username” added to the ends of tweets, and “via @username” added to the ends of pin descriptions.

You can likewise activate Twitter Cards (Large Image Cards) so that tweets sent from your site are consistently media-rich and substantially more liable to get engagement. Our plugin additionally guarantees that your site is Rich Pin prepared so your Pins look good as possible.

It also has Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign Tracking, and Button Click Tracking. Shorten shared links automatically utilizing your own Bitly credentials so you can follow the number of clicks happening on your links.

Additionally, if you’re a Google Analytics user, you can set up Analytics tracking so that each shared link contains a network-specific UTM tracking code. This way you can track all inbound links that come as a direct result of Social Warfare shares.

You can also activate Event Tracking so that you can also see in Google Analytics exactly how many times your buttons are clicked.

3. Social Warfare – AffiliateWP

https://www.couponsplusdeals.com/warfare-plugins-coupons This item is one of the most amazing WordPress plugins around to create and manage with a partner program.

 Let me tell you this so you will appreciate this product. Getting your affiliates to share more than just your homepage is tough. That’s because creating affiliate links for your other pages can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

 Allow me to let you know this so you will see the value of this product. Getting your affiliates to share something other than your homepage is intense. That is because making affiliate links for your other pages can be unwieldy and tedious.

With Social Warfare – AffiliateWP your logged-in affiliates can share any page on your site using your Social Warfare share buttons and it will automatically become an affiliate link for them.

 That means product pages, blog posts, support articles, or any other type of page on your site that has share buttons can be shared effortlessly by your affiliates knowing their affiliate id is automatically added.  This is to say that you can empower your affiliates to share any page on your website with their audiences with Social Warfare – AffiliateWP.

 Maybe you will ask how it works?  The answer is simple.  Just install Social Warfare (or, Social Warfare – Pro) + Social Warfare – AffiliateWP, and then head over to the Settings page to register your license key. Once registered, there’s nothing else you need to do. Boom! You have it. 

Every logged-in affiliate can use the Social Warfare share buttons to share any page on your site, with their affiliate id attached automatically.  And the good news is that you don’t need to install Social Warfare – Pro.  Social Warfare – AffiliateWP only requires the free version of Social Warfare and AffiliateWP installed and activated. Of course, if you want to take advantage of the full set of features that come with Social Warfare – Pro, then you will need Social Warfare – Pro and AffiliateWP installed and activated.

Now that you do know, don’t waste your time subscribing to these products.  Watch out for the Warfare Plugins Coupon Codes and save a big discount when you make any orders. You only need to go to the Coupons Plus Deals website. You will see a list of discount codes, coupons, and promo codes. In addition, you can look for a warfareplugins.com coupon via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Never miss shopping without coupons to get an amazing shopping experience.


Warfare Plugins’ products are the most impressive sharing plugin accessible for WordPress. They permit the clients to share their content without it slowing down their site performance.  Without a doubt, they are your ultimate Social Sharing arsenal.  Wow! Isn’t it astounding? Thanks to these products.

“I use Social Warfare – Pro because how things are shared when I’m not there to do it is important!”- Peg Fitzpatrick, author of The Art and Science of Social Media.

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