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Expat Guide to Vietnam: Rent a Cheap Airbnb with a Discount

Looking to rent a cheap Airbnb in Vietnam? Check out these top tips to get a discount with Airbnb and find yourself an awesome pad for a bargain price.

Living or traveling in Vietnam? Looking for a cheap Airbnb? No worries, we’ve got you covered. The tourism industry in Vietnam has been growing for the best part of three decades and is now really starting to hit the boom point.

Millions of people visit Vietnam every year for holidays, and thousands stick around to work in education, hospitality, and other industries in one of Asia’s rising tigers. With an economy that grows by around 7% every year and a tourist industry to match, Vietnam has everything from flashy 5-star hotels to simple backpacker lodges nestled between jungle flora and fauna.

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How to book a discount Airbnb in Vietnam

Whatever your business in Vietnam, there will be an occasion where you’ll want to book an Airbnb. Prices vary - some are extremely competitive while others may come as a surprise to travelers who were expecting a low-budget booking.

This doesn’t mean that budget travelers will have to stick to hostels and cheaper accommodation, however. If you’re looking for a decent Airbnb, then there is a simple hack to get a great deal on premium rooms. The answer: Airbnb discount codes.

How to find Airbnb discount codes

A quick search online will reveal hordes of discount coupons and codes for Airbnb. Everyone from Business Insider to your run-of-the-mill discount coupon website is offering something. The travel giant is keen on dominating the market and that means getting people familiar with using their service. What better way to do this than to offer people savings when they book?

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Follow this link for Business Insider Airbnb discount codes that save you 25% on your booking. You could also check out this Giving Assistant coupon for 25% off your booking as well.

CNN is also offering a $55 OFF Airbnb discount coupon - that’s enough to make a luxury retreat a bargain getaway!

Why are there so many great Airbnb discounts now?

Of course, the timing right now comes into the equation. As of writing this article, the coronavirus epidemic is in full swing and many hotels, hostels, and BnB services are struggling to take in guests - or they’re closed. Still, this is likely to ease up soon, so booking ahead now might save you a lot of money in the future!

Why not redeem your discount codes now and book your stay for sometime later in the year? That way, when the coronavirus pandemic is under control and travel restrictions are lifted, you’ll be able to have a holiday for much less.

Where to rent cheap Airbnbs in Vietnam?

Now that you’ve got your hands on all the juicy discount coupons, where exactly should you go and use them? As we mentioned earlier, there are thousands of places to choose from in Vietnam. Here are some of our favorite spots.

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  • Ha Giang: Take a break from the busy cities of Hanoi and Saigon and escape into the most incredible mountainous scenery that Vietnam has to offer. The famous Ha Giang loop takes a few days to drive around and offers jaw-dropping scenes the whole way.

  • Mai Chau: Another mountainous getaway, Mai Chau sits in a valley around four hours to the west of Hanoi. It’s famous for its tranquil rice fields that sit in the peaceful valley. There are also various minority ethnic groups in the area including the White Thai and the H’mong.

  • Hoi An: One of the most famous spots in Vietnam, Hoi An is an ancient town full of history. You can enjoy the incredible architecture, relax on gorgeous beaches, and get yourself a tailor-made suit for less than $100.