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Duolingo Review: Is It Worth Trying?

With more than 50 million downloads from Google Play, iOS, and WP, Duolingo is 1 out of 3 language training tools recommended by the US government. What makes Duolingo attract users worldwide? The answer lies below.

duolingo review is it worth trying

Free learning course

Duolingo was awarded the "Best of the Best" 2013 from Google Play. Additionally, it received critical acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, and more. Why so?

When using Duolingo, you will experience free courses without ads and service fees. Learning a new language as simple as playing a game thanks to Duolingo.

Are you wondering about the quality of a free app? Duolingo meets all criteria from quality to price. According to a small survey in the US, Duolingo is very popular because it improves their language skills after using Duolingo.

Effective training course

Not only English, but Duolingo also offers many general courses for all users such as French, German or Spanish, and more. With Duolingo, you will be more proactive and learn languages wherever you want.

effective training course

Duolingo also allows you to actively choose the training level of language skills. In order to start learning, the Duolingo app will ask for your language level to choose a suitable program for you. For example, if you choose to learn English, their application will give you a simple test to preliminarily assess your level and then give you more exercises to improve.

Improve learning course continuously

To increase the quality of the application, they constantly search and update the latest knowledge for users. In addition to supporting 4 main skills, Duolingo also divides into 2 listening modes including normal and slow speed to help learners increase their reflexes.

You must complete each lesson to move to the next one. Duolingo also tracks your learning progress to help you check and evaluate your level each day.

improve learning course continuously

Duolingo creates a comfortable learning environment. Through each lesson, the learners will increase their ability to remember with keyword repetition in many contexts.

Save money with Duolingo Plus discount

Duolingo has 2 learning plans including Basic Plan and Plus Plan. While Basic Plan allows you to enjoy full access to lessons for free, the Plus Plan will give you more features such as ad-free learning, offline access, unlimited mistakes, and progress tracking.

However, you can experience Duolingo Plus Plan for free within 14 days before paying from $6.99/month. You also have an extra opportunity to get high-quality courses at a discounted price thanks to Duolingo codes.

If you want to find coupons and deals for Duolingo, Coupons Plus Deals is a good idea because we have a list of coupon codes for a deep discount.

In conclusion, Duolingo is a completely free application and what it brings users is much more than that. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective language learning application, Duolingo is the choice for you. Moreover, never forget to use Duolingo club codes to get a massive discount!