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Divi Cake helps in contributing awesome themes/products to Divi Community

Divi Cake is a marketplace that focuses on divi themes and add-ons for divi.

They are a good source of divi theme templates and if you want a quick website setup or even extend the power of divi. It has a great list of Plugins for Divi and its templates are nicely designed. They also have a good variety of Divi Products.

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Divi Cake's primary goal is to help everyone build a beautiful website with Divi as quickly as possible. They have hundreds of themes, layouts, and extra plugins for Divi. Their website is well-organized so you can easily find and browse each section, whether you are looking for a plugin, theme, or any specific layout.

Divi Cake website itself is well-organized so you can easily browse to the sections such as plugin, theme, or a specific layout. They have demos of their themes and layouts before making a purchase. Overall, themes, layouts, and plugins bought from Divi Cake are easy to use if you’ve used Divi before and are familiar with how the theme works.

Divi Cake Coupon CodesThey also offer more than 500 child themes for Divi. These child themes allow clients to design their websites and customize all aspects of their themes. The themes are nicely designed and have modern look and come with many premade pages. Divi Cakes have themes for several industries such as coffee shops, bakeries, and many other businesses.

They also have a great selection of plugins for Divi and they are currently offering 60 plugins which include a 404-page builder for Divi video popup module. Plugins are affordable and the items are coming from reputable developers and designers who are already active in Divi Community. 

What is their Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

DiviCake doesn't just code plugin but instead, do it with excellence. They focus on security, scalability, extensibility, and backward compatibility. The plugins that they develop are business-focused and with the finest code quality. They adhere to WordPress coding standards and follow the latest PHP and WP standards. Their plugins are user-friendly, secure, scalable, business-focused.

Divi Cake Coupon Codes
What is their WordPress Plugin Development Process?

WordPress Plugin takes hours of research, thought, logic building, development, testing and deployment.


How long does it take to develop a WordPress plugin?

A simple plugin will take 4 weeks at a minimum from start to launch. This includes 1 week of information gathering, research and planning, 1 week of design and development, 1 week of testing, and 1 week of fixing any potential issues and deployment.
A mid-level plugin will take 2-3 months and a complex plugin will take 6+ months to be developed and deployed.

Divi Cake Coupon Codes