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Black Label Grooming Review 2021: Is Craft Clay Worth It?

Black Label Grooming is an outstanding name for premium men's hair care and styling range. And...we can't miss Craft Clay for a good pre-styled. Explore this bestselling of Black Label Grooming if you are looking for a stronghold styling clay.

black label grooming review 2021

What is Craft Clay?

Black Label Grooming provides Craft Clay to give a matte finish and medium holding styling clay for you. Craft Clay is a good idea for all types of hair from thin to thick, from short to medium length, from messy to low volume style. It also has some resistance to water unless you use shampoo.

what is craft clay

For extra-long days and nights, you can combine CraftClay with BlackMist to add extra volume and hold. By using CraftClay, it's very easy to style crop cut and slick back for your hair.

How to use Craft Clay?

Craft Clay has a texture like clay, so you should apply it to dry hair to get the best style. You choose to take a little is best and add more if needed.

Follow this guideless to use Craft Clay

  • Take a small pea-sized amount of CraftClay
  • Spread into the palm of your hand together until translucent
  • Apply to your hair from root to tip and style into place.

How long should Craft Clay last?

Each person has a specific grooming routine, so Craft Clay will last up to 4 months based on typical usage.

What makes CraftClay special?

It is not obvious that CraftClay becomes a best-selling product here. Here are some of its special points

  • It provides volume to your hair
  • It brings a strong hold all day.
  • Its bentonite clay provides essential minerals to grow and repair your hair.

What's in CraftClay?

Black Label Grooming understands that a good hair product needs good ingredients. Therefore, CraftClay contains 3 main ingredients including

  • Bentonite clay ( Volcanic Ash ): It includes natural minerals for your hair. It will condition, soften, reduce frizz, and promote hair growth.
  • KAHL wax: It's very versatile to add thickness and strength to the product.
  • Jojoba oil: It is very rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin E. So, it can prevent hair loss, nourish hair, and enhance hair thickness.

How much does CraftClay cost?

Black Label Grooming offers CraftClay with a great price of £15.00, however, you can get it for only £12.75 because they are running a discount program. You also combine with other items to save more money such as

  • Black Mist & Craft Clay: £22.10 (was £26.00)
  • Dark Matter & Craft Clay: £22.10 (was £26.00)
  • Craft Clay Three Pack: £29.75 (was £35.00)

how much does craftclay cost

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Is CraftClay worth trying?

CraftClay is really a good product to style your hair at a moderate cost. If you want to try a high-quality hair product, never forget this CraftClay.

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