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Big Life Journal Review: Raise Your Child's Confidence?

Do you want your kids to be confident and resilient with high self-esteem? Do you want them to have a positive outlook on life and try new things? Big Life Journal review is the answer to your question.

big life journal review raise your childs confidence

What is the Big Life Journal?

Established in 2017, Big Life Journal is the first growth mindset journal for children. It creates time and gives you resources to teach your kids important life skills.

At Big Life Journal, you can find resources to help kids develop a resilient growth mindset. Therefore, they can face life's challenges with confidence.

There are many dedicated teams who help Big Life Journal such as former educators, family coaches, homeschoolers, and growth mindset experts. Thanks to their opinions, Big Life Journal created many amazing books as well as interesting lectures for children.

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what is the big life journal

Big Life Journal - 1st Edition

It is a journal that empowers children to face challenges with confidence, embrace mistakes, and know they can learn anything!

Through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and an engaging writing prompt, this book will help children develop strong Social-Emotional Learning and growth mindset skills.

Moreover, this beautiful guided journal also lets kids work at their own pace as they reflect, learn, and grow.

With over 200 pages of high-quality paper and bright, sturdy hardcover, this book will be a wonderful gift for your children.

big life journal 1st edition

Growth Mindset Printables Kit

Including over 50 digital pages, it is a collection of worksheets, posters, activities, and coloring pages. With this kit, your children understand they have the capacity to learn anything!

Besides, they will learn how to: stay resilient, welcome mistakes, and overcome the fear of failure. They will also discover their brain's ability to learn and grow! They will understand they can achieve great results with practice and effort.

The kit also contains valuable growth mindset handouts and guides for parents and teachers. You can print out this kit at home, in a classroom, or as part of homeschool.

growth mindset printables kit

Positivity & Connection Kit PDF

It is a collection of printable worksheets, games, activities, and coloring sheets for kids. The kit is great for ages 5-11.

Thanks to this kit, your kid can promote a positive attitude and strengthen their connection with others.

Through these fun and engaging activities, your children can rewire their brains to be more positive. It can also develop a more positive outlook on the world around them or boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Among our dozens of products, blog articles, podcast episodes and videos, Big Life Journal offers advice and solutions to many different growth mindset parenting questions. You can receive free gifts for any purchase at this time.

positivity connection kit pdf

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