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BestSelf Planner Review – Plan for Your Best Life Now

If you’ve tried and failed to set goals, then the BestSelf Planner is the perfect aide for you. It arranges your goals and lets you reflect on them over time.

How many times have you tried to really organize your life? This six month planner by BestSelf encourages you to take a more productive look at the next six months of your life. The planner isn’t just your everyday notebook full of half promises and half-attempts of tracking productivity – it’s an intelligently designed planner that will encourage you to make goals and stick to them over time.

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Check out our BestSelf review for the 2020 planner below, and make sure to look out for BestSelf coupons to get a fantastic deal on this new product.

BestSelf Planner Review

The first thing you’ll notice about the BestSelf Planner is that it has a lot of room to reflect on your day, your long term goals, and things that you’re grateful for. This is the unique selling point of the BestSelf Planner. It’s designed to keep you on track with your personal goals and also to develop a more positive mindset.

Balance work and life: In getting you to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t, the BestSelf Planner helps you to reach deadlines when they’re meant to be reached and thus save more time for your private life. The planner is, admittedly, more aimed towards entrepreneurs and those who are self- employed, as these are the people who tend to work outside of the usual 9-5 office hours.

If this describes you, then the BestSelf Planner could really help you to reorganize your time and ensure that you’re not dedicating too much of your private time to professional accomplishments. It could also help you to ensure that you’re not wasting the time you dedicate for work.

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Track habits: The BestSelf Planner is set up to help you plan the next six months of your life – and it has no specific start or end date, which means that you don’t have to wait for the right time of year to use it. The right time is now.

It comes with a monthly habit tracker that ensures you’re keeping on top of things that could interfere with your life. This can help you to stay on course with your fitness routine, or cut down on negative habits like drinking and smoking.

Six project templates: The BestSelf Planner also comes with six project templates to help you to take your goals by the horns and really put them into action. This is a great way to ensure that you’re keeping on top of things and it encourages you to complete a project each month.

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Bucket list: Why should life be all about work? Build your bucket list and explore the things that you really want to do, like climbing a mountain, volunteering with the homeless, taking an art class, writing a short story, or just spending some quality time with loved ones.

Quarterly reflection: You’ll be asked to reflect on your goals frequently throughout the BestSelf Planner – and nowhere is this given more attention than in the quarterly reflection. Every three months, you’ll be asked to reflect on your successes, failures, habits, mindset, and goals to make sure that you’re always on top of your own ambitions. It’s easy to slip up when you’re not keeping track of what you’re doing. Make sure that you’re always on the ball by giving a detailed analysis of your own progress and where you could improve. It’s proven to work.