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Best Pain Relievers for Flu - Stay Calm and Fight the Flu

If you feel pain or discomfort from the flu, then you’re not alone. Joint pain, aches, and fever are the flu’s most unwanted gifts. Here’s how to fight them.

best pain relievers for flu stay calm and fight the flu

Coming down with the flu isn’t the best feeling. While the flu is fatal to people with a compromised immune system, you can still experience pains and discomforts from it.

There are simple cures that can help fight the pains and discomforts of the flu. They range from over-the-counter medicine to folk remedies. In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the most effective cures for the discomforts from the flu. Look out for pain reliever coupons to use in online pharmacies.

Best pain relievers for flu

The best way to prepare for flu season is to get yourself a flu shot. If you’re experiencing pains and discomforts from the flu, then these medicines may help.

However, we’re not professionals, and if your pains get worse or you feel like maybe something is off, then you should seek advice from a doctor.



Aspirin has been a go-to for decades and it’s still one of the most effective medicines to take for the flu. It helps to calm fever and it’s also a pain reliever, making it ideal for fighting the flu. That being said, you should never give aspirin to anyone under 19 because it can increase the risk of getting Reye’s syndrome.



Ibuprofen is another great way to combat the flu. It also works as a pain reliever and will help combat the worst symptoms of flu. Be careful not to take too much, though, as high doses of ibuprofen have been linked to stomach bleeding. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and make sure that you’re not allergic to anything that you might be taking.

Look online to get good pain reliever coupons and save money on stocking up your medicine cabinet this flu season.



Not all remedies come from the pharmacy. Drinking plenty of fluids - especially water - will help to combat symptoms of the flu by flushing your body out of harmful toxins. Keeping yourself well hydrated will help to combat aches as well, so make sure you’re drinking a glass of water every hour or so.

Chicken soup

chicken soup

We’re probably starting to sound like your grandma now, but in all seriousness, chicken soup has been shown to reduce inflammation and combat fever and flu. This combination of hot broth and salt helps soothe your throat and reduce soreness. The nutrients in the soup will help your immune system combat the invasive virus, and the salt will reduce inflammation, which will, in turn, reduce the pain you’re feeling.

Turn your bathroom into a sauna

turn your bathroom into a sauna

Aside from the fact that this is just an awesome idea anyway, sitting in a steamy bathroom will clear up the blockages in your sinuses and even reduce inflammation. Try this: turn the shower on hot and let it steam up the room, then sit in this steamy room for a while, get yourself nice and hot, and then jump into a moderate-temperature shower and gradually turn the water colder and colder. Cold showers reduce inflammation and will help reduce your pain symptoms. Repeat as many times as necessary.