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Best EricaZiel workouts that are safe for pregnant women

Learn more with five EricaZiel workouts for pregnant women to find the motivation and inspiration to transform themselves during pregnancy. Practicing effective pregnancy exercises will help you deal with weight gain after giving birth.

best ericaziel workouts that are safe for pregnant women

Five EricaZiel workouts you ever need

Doing exercises during pregnancy will support your physical strength, resistance, and stamina for the body.

Work out with a squishy ball

Exercises for pregnant women with support from a ball to relax and reduce the pressure on the spine. Besides, pregnant mothers should pay attention to keep a good body balance, with gentle movements because a bouncing and slippery ball can be dangerous for you and your baby.

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work out with a squishy ball

Doing exercises with simple postures

Performing simple movements in the morning help pregnant mothers relax their muscles, reduce stress, fatigue, and sleep better at night.

Spine aligner

Stand up straight so that your spine is leaning against the wall, your legs should be as wide as your shoulder, gently inhale deeply to stretch your abdomen, then exhale and pull in your stomach. Just do it 3 times and you can complete this posture.

Cat pose

Stand wider than shoulder and reach the wall more than arm's length, put both hands on the wall. When inhaling, arch your back, roll your neck and look down at your stomach. Exhale returns to the starting position. Do it three times as well.

Side stretch

Place on one knee and the other leg out in the same direction. Place your hand on the floor in front of your knee, with the other hand reaching above your head. Hold for 2 to 3 breaths, then do the same with the other side.

doing exercises with simple postures

Underwater exercises

Many pregnant women feel uncomfortable doing water exercises. However, water helps reduce the fetal pressure on body parts, especially the spine and knees.

Exercises for pregnant women underwater bring maximum relaxation to the muscles, help reduce stress, and restore energy.

underwater exercises


Walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises. Walking up the hills is ideal for your muscles. This will help the heart pump blood efficiently throughout the body, especially the placenta and the baby.

However, to ensure safety, pregnant women should consult with their doctor and specialists before performing this exercise. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, the distance and speed you walk will be adjusted to suit your situation.

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Yoga exercises are considered to be the perfect practice for pregnant mothers. The movements help the body have flexible movements, calm the mind, wash away sorrow in life.

In particular, yoga will become more wonderful if you practice with your wonderful life partner which will help create a bond between parents and fetus.


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