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Best Cheap Vape Mods to Buy in 2020 – Reliable and Affordable

Looking for a reliable vape mod that won’t break the bank? Here’s a list of our favorite vape mods on sale in 2020. They’re all well designed and affordable.

For those who really want to enjoy vaping, a reliable vape mod is essential. E-cigarettes just don’t make the cut when it comes to solid design and performance. The problem is that a lot of top-notch vape mods are on sale for an eye-watering price.

You don’t have to be paying $100+ to get a sturdy and reliable vape mod. We’ve compiled a list of our personal favorites that are all sold for an affordable price – without compromising design and build. If you’re looking for your next vape mod, then look no further, we’ve got you covered here.

Best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020

The main thing when buying a vape mod is to ensure that you’re getting a good-quality product. You don’t want to be using a flimsy mod that could break and lead to vape oil spilling in your bag and ruining your personal things, or worse. So, what are the most reliable vape mods to buy for an affordable price this year?

best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020 1

Geekvape Aegis Solo - $35

For the price of dinner in town, you can get a Geekvape Aegis Solo. It’s a small, reliable, and sturdy mod that will last you years to come. The design uses a smaller battery than previous Geekvape models, which means that it fits nicely into any pocket, maximizing convenience.

The Geekvape is also waterproof and dustproof and sort of looks like something you’d attach to the bottom of an assault rifle. In short, it’s one helluva reliable vape mod for just $35!

best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020 2

Eleaf iStick Mix - $35

For the same price as the Aegis Solo, you can get your hands on the Eleaf iStick Mix. It’s a stylish vape mod that comes with five different color displays which really makes it something to look at. This is another sturdy mod that’s built to last.

Thanks to the Avatar chipset in its core, you can near instant firing speeds when you hit the button. It’s a pleasure to use and it costs less than a shirt.

best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020 3

Geekvape Blade Box - $50

Another great product from Geekvape, the Blade Box features an eye-catching design that is completely unique with each unit – no two Blade Boxes look the same! It’s a sturdy mod that has enough power to fire up pretty much any coil. The OLED color screen makes reading the essential information about your mod easy in any lighting.

best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020 4

SMOK Stick V9 MAX - $30

For those looking for a more creative design, the SMOK Stick V9 MAX’s cylinder build makes for a standout look and a convenient mod to carry around. It has a whopping 4,000mAh battery that can be recharged with a micro-USB cable.

The V9 MAX is an improvement on previous models of the series and offers a fantastic draw and great vapor production thanks to its larger tank and adjustable airflow. Top marks.

best cheap vape mods to buy in 2020 5

SV Mi-Pod - $20

The cheapest entry on our list, and also the most compact, the SV Mi-Pod is a draw activated mod that is ideal for beginners to vaping. The design features a colorful finish and while it has a small battery of just 950mAh, it’s still great for anyone looking to have a portable mod just in case the urge to puff takes over.

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