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Bamboo Skateboard - Your Ultimate Source For Skateboards

As a company, Bamboo Skateboard takes social responsibility for protecting the environment very seriously. The company accepted the challenge of creating an eco-friendly alternative to maple decks and is committed to providing superior durability, performance, and pop.

Its headquarters are located in Rainbow, California.

BAMBOO SKATEBOARDS COUPONS & PROMO CODESIt is not only beneficial to the environment, but bamboo skating also trains the mind and body. It will also allow you to be connected with a broader community of positive, peaceful, health-conscious individuals. If you are passionate about freeriding and carving, bamboo skateboards are perfect for you.

Their longboards are awesome for racing downhill and cruising at high speeds.

It doesn't matter if you want a street deck for your neighborhood park, or if you want to cruise around campus or your neighborhood on one of our cruisers or longboards, we have what you need. 

Skaters who are passionate about free riding and carving will enjoy Bamboo Skateboards Coupon Code. Whether racing downhill or cruising at high speeds, our longboards are great for both. Taking your skates to the next level is one of the benefits of skating with Bamboo.

BAMBOO SKATEBOARDS COUPONS & PROMO CODESBamboo is stronger and lighter than steel, prevents soil erosion, and does not require toxic fertilizers! All bamboo skateboards, longboards, and other products are harvested from managed farms. Grass, bamboo grows back stronger than before after being cut down. Bamboo is not endangered. Man-made bamboo farms do very little ecological damage. Among eco-conscious fans around the world, Bamboo has gained a loyal following since 2008. As a result of our innovation, mission, and quality, Bamboo has grown in popularity and recognition in skate shops around the globe. 

As a naturally shock-absorbent material, bamboo helps to prevent cracks when used for decking. Compared to maple skateboards, bamboo boards are lighter and stronger. Thus, your tricks and skill refinement will have more "pop". Bamboo is by far the best performing material.

The impact is better absorbed by bamboo than maple. Unlike maple, your Bamboo skateboard will resist cracking and provide great performance for a long time. Bamboo is not only a wonderful wood for making boards, but it's also a socially responsible choice.

One Tree Planted For every skateboard that you buy, a tree will be planted. In North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.BAMBOO SKATEBOARDS COUPONS & PROMO CODES

They are sponsoring this amazing non-profit with every sale. Bamboo Skateboards Coupon Code is a charity called One Tree Planted that works with amazing reforestation organizations worldwide, from all the way up in Vermont, to help them plant more trees.

The organizations' projects focus on forest fire and flood restoration, as well as creating jobs, building communities, and protecting habitats.

Donations are pooled and sent to reforestation partners for each project, which they vet to ensure an 80-90% tree survival rate. Their jobs include choosing the best tree species to plant and working with local communities to plant them.

As In order to remain environmentally conscious, we source all of our products from bamboo, a fast-growing plant that takes only a few months to grow. Planting trees 20 years ago might have been the ideal time. The second best time is now. Any contribution they can make is appreciated, regardless of how small.

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