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Apollo Vape Review 2021: Three Cheapest E-Juices To Enjoy Your Day

We highly recommend Apollo Ecigs for any savvy vaper who wants the most suitable options for your budget. Let’s dive into our Apollo Vape Review to discover the three cheapest e-liquid lines from this brand.

apollo vape review 2021

Three of the most affordable Apollo Vape e-juices

Apollo Ecigs is one of the oldest and most popular electronic cigarette brands offering e-juices that meet every vaper’s needs by its affordable price. People may wonder “Do cheap prices go with quality?”. Look into three e-liquid flavors to see if they are worth your money.

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Apollo Fruit E-Liquids

In the fruit e-juice collection, you can actually taste the sweetness, taste the rinse of each flavor. Through the trip at Apollo Ecigs, you will find your favorite flavors of Watermelon, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Mango Peach, Hemi Orange, and much more.

The flavor is exactly what is described. The taste is strong enough to enjoy. Once you try this e-liquid line, it feels like you have liked them for a long time. Apollo Fruit E-Liquids have received many positive compliments from customers with 5 stars vote.

Importantly, Apollo Fruit E-Liquid has the cheapest price throughout the store. You can buy one 10ml bottle of any flavor as low as $4.99.

apollo fruit e liquids

A La Mode E-Liquids

Are you ready to enjoy the top-notch vape e-juices? The sweetness of A La Mode e-Liquids is mixed with fruit flavors and vanilla ice cream to finish off the only tart you should put in your mouth.

A La Mode has Apple Pie, Berry, Peach Cobbler for those who are looking for tasty fruity flavors. When you inhale those flavors, it seems like you have got all the seasons with the typical fruits in your room.

However, you have to pay more money for this vape e-juice brand. A La Mode E-Liquid has a price of $9.99 for 60 ml. At some point, this kind of e-liquid is cheaper than Apollo e-juices, because $9.99 for 60 ml is cheaper than $4.99 for 10 ml.

a la mode e liquids

Lindbergh Max VG E-Liquids

Unlike other vape e-juice lines, Lindbergh e-juice range has soulful, tangy, and irresistible flavors to reveal you the uniqueness and complexity. Lindbergh liquids have been enhanced to provide a brighter, more flavorful vape.

You are overwhelmed with sweet strawberry taffy candy taste, an exotic blend of peach, lychee, and coconut, a tangy taste of treat, sweet blueberries in frozen yogurt. Lindbergh Max VG E-Liquids are ideal for anyone who loves super creamy and delicious e-juices.

Lindbergh E-Liquid has the same price as A La Mode line, $9.99 for 60ml.

lindbergh max vg e liquids

Apollo Vape Review- why should choose them for a better price?

When talking about Apollo Vape e-juices, we can add more points to rank them on the vape marketing, because e-juices proudly

  • Made 100% in the USA.
  • Having the most comparative prices with other brands.
  • More attractive offers to win to save money

Anyone who is new to e-cigarettes may find a big deal with e-liquid sources from China. However, they will never find premium quality in vape like Apollo Vape brings to. What’s more, free shipping applies to over $50 domestic orders and $150 international orders. You receive 5% cashback on all purchases you make at the Apollo Ecigs website.

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