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8 Mobile Apps to Pass the Time during Coronavirus Lockdown

Looking for things to do during the coronavirus lockdown? Here are 8 awesome mobile apps that will pass tons of time while you’re social distancing at home.

Social distancing isn’t the most fun thing in the world. There are a few people that are loving it – and probably some who haven’t even noticed any difference in their lives so far. For most of us, though, this is a bit of a nightmare unless we can find some creative ways to pass the time.

Enter: mobile apps. What better way to pass the twilight hours of the day than to lay back on your bed and enjoy some mobile games and apps?

Top 8 mobile apps to pass the time

Whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android, you can enjoy all of these apps and games when all other forms of entertainment run dry. Let’s face it, cable TV sucks and Netflix only has so many good series to binge-watch before the well runs dry.

Without further ado, here are the top 8 mobile apps and games that we recommend you download to keep yourself busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

8 Mobile Apps to Pass the Time during Coronavirus Lockdown 1

Amazon Kindle

You don’t need to buy a Kindle to use the Amazon Kindle app, you can simply install it on your smartphone and benefit from thousands of free books on the platform. They’re not stingy with the titles, either – there are actually some great free books to read.


The point of this simple math puzzle game is to join the tiles together until you make the number 2048. You can actually continue to play after winning this point if you want. It’s a simple and fun game that gives your brain a quick workout while also killing some time – this one is best for when you have half an hour you want to kill.

Headspace – Practice mindfulness

Things getting a little hectic up there? Calm down with some simple guided meditation exercises. These exercises last as little as three minutes and they’re a great tool for training your mind to not get overflown with incoming thoughts.

8 Mobile Apps to Pass the Time during Coronavirus Lockdown 2

OpenTalk – Live Audio Chat

Want to chat to people all around the world and help them to improve their English while doing so? OpenTalk connects you with people all around the world so that they can chat to you about pretty much anything. It’s a great way to learn about different people and cultures and make some new global friends.


StumbleUpon blew up years ago and has been going strong ever since. You simply open the app and press Stumble to land on any random page on the internet related to a particular subject. You can find all sorts of great content!


Need to kill some time and some virtual people? Download good ol’ PUBG and team up with your buddies online to be the last people standing. PUBG is one of the most heavily downloaded games of all time and no doubt millions of people will be starting to play it again now that this virus is in full swing.

8 Mobile Apps to Pass the Time during Coronavirus Lockdown 3


It’s like Tinder, but for food. You swipe right on pictures to save recipes that you want to learn how to cook. It’s a foody’s dream app and it could be the thing you need to help you cook your way through the coronavirus lockdown.

BitLife – Life Simulator

What better way to kill some time than to live an entire lifetime on a simulator? BitLife is a turn-based game where you get to make decisions for your character like what they study, who they marry, and whether or not they try to murder their neighbor. See how your decisions change the course of their existence!