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7 Incredible Reasons Why WebinarNinja Is The Best Webinar Software for Creators and Coaches

“I was very nervous before my first webinar, but the software was easy to use. On the occasion that I had a problem, one of the support team actually got live on a demo webinar with me to go through the issues and help me see what to do" - Fraser N., Marketer.    

Welcome to WebinarNinja. It was made by Omar and Nicole on the prospect that sharing significant experience and understanding is the best method for collecting the trust that drives business. Together, they started facilitating online classes on business and independent ventures, utilizing custom homemade software.

The commercial webinar options at the time were simply excessively cumbersome, excessively troublesome, or too ugly. At the point when individuals began remarking on the nature of their webinars, they understood the most effective way to engage different business people was to give them a superior platform. With that acknowledgment, it brought forth the WebinarNinja. The company is focused on bringing its "A" game to the mission of empowering WebinarNinja clients.

This article discusses the seven reasons why WebinarNinja is the best webinar software for creators and coaches.  Continue reading so you will become educated about this platform.  

Here we go.

1. At WebinarNinja, you can create a webinar in seconds. 

WEBINARNINJA COUPONS & PROMO CODESBefore WebinarNinja, you're puzzle-piecing different software tools to make, market, and run your workshops. Your feeling of anxiety arrives at its most extreme. Be that as it may, with WebinarNinja, you appear and present. Make a webinar in seconds, and their underlying devices wrap up. You won't encounter pressure by any means.

2. WebinarNinja is more than just "webinars".

With WebinarNinja, you can connect in real-time, or at any time. Their platform allows you to contact your crowd any place (and at whatever point) they are with engaging, interactive lived, and automated presentations.

  •  Webinars are live. You can broadcast live in real-time and get up close and personal with no lag or delay. Intimate, personal, and high-converting.  “We’ve tried almost every webinar platform. Every single one we tried we had to dump. Then we tried WebinarNinja and it was brilliant. WebinarNinja is our go-to platform” - Michael Port, Heroic Public Speaking.
  • Webinars are automated.  They are pre-recorded.  You can extend your span.  Make your webinars accessible, in any event, when you're not. "I really like the automated webinars feature. It allows me to feel like I’m in multiple places at once. My time can be spent working with current clients instead of feeling the need to run live webinars every day" - Amanda Haddaway
  • Webinars are series.  Online courses are series. There are various online webinars on one subject. You can make them want more and more with courses and culminations. “Through a Series, you can offer complete training and certification packages. Present high-impact, high-value education that delivers real results — for you /and/your attendees.”
  • Webinars are hybrid. They have recorded substances and facilitated live. They consolidate the closeness of live communication with the accommodation of recorded content. “Even while your attendees enjoy the pre-recorded content, you can interact with our suite of engagement tools.”      

3. WebinarNinja is an all-in-one tool that works.

Our webinars are way more than videos. With built-in tools and features, WebinarNinja has all that you want to have astonishing opportunities for growth.

  • Built-in email. You can send automatic notifications, reminders, thank-yous, and follow-ups with ease.
  • Built-in Landing Pages. You can quickly create your unique, branded, high-converting landing page.
  • Integrations for days. Love what you’re using? WebinarNinja integrates with all your favorite CRM and email software.
  • Analytics. You can see who registered, who attended, who clicked, who purchased, and more. Track your Facebook ad performance with your unique pixel.
  • Handouts. You can give attendees useful downloadables during the webinar.
  • Multi-function Chat. You can group chat, private chat, questions, polls, and more in one easy interface.
  • Audience Presenters. You bring attendees "on stage" with you during the webinar for the ultimate engagement.
  • Offers. You can create attractive, pre-packaged, high-converting sales offer to embed into your presentations.
  • Paid Webinars. Sometimes, the lesson is the product. Create paid webinars with seamless payment processing at registration.
  • Customize in any Language. You can customize registration & thank you pages, forms, emails, buttons, and more in any language. Seriously, any language. If you can type it, you can use it.

4. At WebinarNinja, 30,000+ Businesses, big and small, love WebinarNinja.

WEBINARNINJA COUPONS & PROMO CODESCoaches, creators, freelancers, software companies, authors, schools, and non-profits around the world have changed to WebinarNinja to on a very basic level further develop how they educate and develop their business with live video.
"Optimizing for the customer journey is crucial and WebinarNinja knows it. We love that they offer a gated landing page option to charge for events, which is an excellent option for hosting online conferences or other high-value content alongside regular webinar programming" - Sarah Chambers, HubSpot. 

5. WebinarNinja goes beyond the software. 

With heaps of advertising and deals illustrations, helpful guides, layouts, and their customary live workshops, you'll have all the help you want to develop your business and experience that #Ninjalife.
"WebinarNinja's support is incredibly helpful and super responsive. I've never had someone reach out and answer my questions that fast!" - Crystal Pecora, Homeless Training.

6. WebinarNinja is loaded with modern features.

  •  Supports All Devices.  You can attend on any browser, computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Works Everywhere. It can  work on Windows/ Apple/ Google/ Android iOS. No software to download.
  • GDPR Compliant. Their software is fully compliant with international privacy laws and regulations.
  • Share Webinar.  Let your registrants help you promote by easily sharing your webinar on social media and other channels.
  • Add To Calendar. Increase attendance rates. Their landing pages integrate with popular Calendar tools (like Google calendar) so registrants don't forget.
  • Thank You Page Redirect. Send registrants to your website or a URL of your choosing, immediately after signup.

"WebinarNinja is the best webinar software for marketers who want a solid webinar platform that is loaded with modern features" - David Hartshorne, Blogging Wizard.

7. Additional features of WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja doesn’t need to be hosted on one’s site because it hosts everything for you at no extra cost.  It can let you run unlimited webinars.  It works on any web browser on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, so you don’t need to install any software on your computer.

Moreover, at WebinarNinja, you don't have to have your own recorded videos. You can transfer your recordings straightforwardly to WebinarNinja, and they'll store and host them for you. You can likewise utilize YouTube videos.

Subscribe now at WebinarNinja to create, host, and share webinars with no worries. Get started today and create your first webinar in 10 seconds using the WebinarNinja coupon and promotion codes. There are several different ways for you to get your hands on a functioning WebinarNinja coupon code. You can subscribe to the WebinarNinja newsletter service to remain in the loop of any suitable promotions. You can likewise check in consistently with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals, for their collection of active offers, for example, WebinarNinja. 

In conclusion, with WebinarNinja, you can make the most easy-to-understand webinar solution in the world. Each new part, on any arrangement, gets a free 14-day trial. You pay nothing when you join and you get to appreciate WebinarNinja for 14 days. “Webinar Ninja allows even tech-challenged me to create webinars” - Allura A., Health & Wellness Professional.

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