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5 Tips To Choose Suitable Running Shoes

A wrong pair of running shoes can ruin your experience. These tips below will save you.

5 tips to choose suitable running shoes 1

Follow the purpose

For short distances, it is not necessary to choose expensive shoes. A simple design, light weight will bring the most comfortable training.

For big distances such as 10km, half marathon or 42km marathon, you need to invest in high quality shoes from the very beginning. Long distance jogging requires a pair of shoes with good foot support technology. With such a goal, investing a large amount of money in running shoes is perfectly reasonable.

Know what terrain you run on

Depending on the terrain where you choose to run, there will be the best shoes for your needs. Some people like to run on flat terrain such as streets, stadiums, but also people like to run on dirt or gravel, hills.

With the need to run on flat roads, the road shoes are the choice for you. The common feature of the road shoes is the thick and smooth sole, along with the light weight to help run more smoothly.

Those who prefer to run in more complicated terrains, the trail shoes line is the right option. The trail shoes are designed to be sturdier than road shoes so that runners can have a sure ankle when running, along with a set of spikes that help increase grip, avoid injury.

Identify your foot shape

Defining your foot type will help you select the best shoe for your foot. This is a very important thing but it seems that people are not paying too much attention. Wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit the feet is easy to cause joint injuries.

See which direction your ankles are deflected. There are three types: outward, balanced and inward.

You can easily check your shoes, see where they are worn to determine the ankle style. All manufacturers produce shoes suitable for each type of grounding to minimize the risk of injury to the user.

5 tips to choose suitable running shoes 2

Try them on before checkout

All of the above will be theoretical if you don't experience the running shoes on your own. The knowledge when reading reviews only helps you to orient your goals. There is no theory like real experience. Head to the shops and get your feet pierced to find the best shoe for you. You can also order shoes over the internet after trying them out at stores.

Choose reputable stores

If you already know how to choose the right shoes, the next step is to find a reputable, quality store to buy. In addition to the famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, New Balance, you can also pick a good shoe with cheaper prices at Shoe Dept.

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